Pharmacies Adopt Robotic Disinfection Solution in Fight Against Covid-19

Pharmacies in the UK are taking the next step in disinfection by investing in a new breed of automated disinfection robots. The Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection Robots use UV-C light supported by an ozone generating function for maximum disinfection and peace of mind. 

Ali Sparkes of The Health Dispensary with her robot 1. Image Credit: Evolve Raybotix

​​​​​​​The automated machines map their surroundings and kill 99.9 percent of microorganisms on all surfaces by destroying their DNA structures. It’s an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way to quickly and safely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Disinfection times start from just six minutes. As well as being quick and thorough, these machines have minimal operating costs.

Pharmacist Ali Sparkes, who runs the two The Health Dispensary pharmacies in Neath, South Wales, recently purchased the NEO model, which is the smallest robot in the portfolio but has the ability to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a space of approx. 25m2 in around 8-10 minutes. 

She made the investment after a dramatic increase in footfall in both town centre branches of The Health Dispensary caused her to recruit additional staff and seek extra resources to cope with the growth in demand. In particular, the rise in visitors made her concerned about cleanliness and disinfection.

“The ethos of the Health Dispensary is to offer a practical, friendly and welcoming service and we have worked hard to maintain high standards throughout the pandemic,” she said. “Not only is it paramount to minimise any risk to our customers – particularly those more vulnerable in the community – but safety of my staff is also a priority.”

Ali had already implemented all the usual traditional measures to minimise any spread of the virus, including masks, physical cleaning and antibacterial gel, but when she spotted an advert on Facebook for the Evolve Raybotix disinfection robots she saw an opportunity to take the disinfection of her premises to the next level. 

“I noticed Evolve Raybotix advertising a very exciting disinfection robot which uses UVC to sanitise surfaces and space,” she said. “We already have a number of robots at The Health Dispensary and, as a self-confessed tech geek, I was very much drawn to one which could potentially do our cleaning for us in such a super-efficient way.”

The Evolve Raybotix robot is now a valued member of The Health Dispensary’s robotic team, which also includes a robot that stores and dispenses drugs to the pharmacist and one that allows for 24-hour prescription collections.

“I’m so happy we bought Ray the Robot,” said Ali. “He is so easy to use and really gives us peace of mind and an extra level of protection with the current COVID pandemic, not to mention minimising the risk of cold, flu and other viruses which pose a risk to staff and customer wellbeing. It’s also great to see other UK award winning pharmacies following our lead and investing in this new technology.”

Director of Evolve Raybotix Amin Farah added: “It was a delight to work with someone like Ali who has an overwhelming desire to keep her staff happy, healthy, confident and comfortable – particularly during such uncertain times. Her primary focus was to make sure her team could work together in a safe environment and continue to serve their local community with a much needed, and valued service.”

The units have been classified as a Medical Device by the Ministry of Health in Italy where they are designed and manufactured.  They can be purchased or leased from Evolve Raybotix which is based in the Institute of Life Science (ILS), Swansea University who have the unique distribution rights to these innovative machines in the UK.  

  • Evolve Raybotix is the only UK supplier of UV-C Ozone disinfection robots. These cutting edge robots use UV-C light supported by Ozone gas for maximum disinfection and peace of mind. Raybotics Italy has granted a licence for Evolve to exclusively distribute the robots in the UK and Ireland.  
  • To maximise efficiency, its robots use inbuilt sensors to analyse and map their surroundings before each disinfection cycle begins. This means the robots can plan their route in order to easily avoid obstacles and minimise disinfection time. For additional safety, the robots have an inbuilt motion-sensing Automatic Detection System. In the event that our robots encounter humans, animals or any moving objects they stop immediately; ensuring a safe work environment and protecting themselves from damage.
  • Evolve Raybotix is based at The Institute of Life Science 2 (ILS2) at Swansea University.
  • Attached image: Ali Sparkes with her disinfection robot.
  • For interviews, further photographs and more information please reply to this email or contact Jenny White on 07854101030.
  • Evolve Raybotix UV-C Robots Purchasing Options


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