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New Workpiece Positioners from ABB for Robotic Applications

ABB Robotics, a leading provider of industrial robotics solutions, has released a latest range of consistent and robust workpiece positioners for diversified robotic activities like thermal cutting, arc welding etc.

The new, nine models of the positioners feature improved motion control abilities and enhanced load capabilities of ranges between 250 kg and 5000 kg. The load capacities of IRBP K and IRBP R positioners have been raised to 1000 kg.

The positioners are simple to use and they can be programmed with easy instructions. Also they incorporate the same software and drive systems as those of ABB robots. During the robotic application, the axes of the positioners completely synchronizes with the robot and as they operate, the robot utilizes maximum acceleration and streamlines its pace and performance automatically.

The workpiece positioners incorporate dynamic modeling software for ensuring shorter cycle times. This software automatically balances the effects of friction, gravity and inertia. An included, load identification function termed as Load ID will determine the center of gravity and the inertia of both fixture and workpiece. All these estimations offer consistency, adaptability and swift actions with fast acceleration while ensuing programmed predefined paths, thereby resulting in reduced cycle time, enhanced productivity and reliable quality of the output.

The workpiece positioners have a modular layout with a few tough, moving components. Hence they can be easily serviced. All the required safety devices can also be provided to these positioners.


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