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The Innovative Raspberry Pi Robot Arm-Mycobot Pi Designed By Elephant Robotics

The word "robot arm" normally conjures up images of huge devices used in auto plants or on space shuttles. While there are many types of robotic arms used in a myriad of industries, there has never been one as small and portable as the 850g myCobot - the world's smallest collaborative robotic arm. And now, the robot has launched a new version that uses Raspberry Pi.

The myCobot, jointly produced by Elephant Robotics and M5STACK, was released last year and became popular with the maker and robotics communities. Initially, the robotic arm only used Arduino. After feedback from consumers, the company has now expanded its myCobot series to create the myCobot-Pi, which adopts a Raspberry Pi microprocessor.

The myCobot-Pi six-axis collaborative robot is a multi-functional and lightweight intelligent robotic arm. Users of the robot can personally customize the robotic arm, as it supports multi-platform secondary development and can effectively help users achieve multi-scene application development.

As mentioned, the mycobot-Pi has a net weight of 850grams (ie. under two pounds), has a payload of 250g, and a working range of 280mm. It's compact, but powerful, and has rich software and hardware interaction methods and diversified compatible extension interfaces.

"We are so pleased to launch this new version of myCobot, to help makers, roboticists, and all of our creative customers, to achieve unlimited potential with the Raspberry Pi ecology," said Elephant Robotics Founder Joey Song. "With our product being available with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, we hope to open up more doors for people all over the world to use myCobot to create."

The myCobot-Pi uses Raspberry Pi 4B, with a 1.5GHz 4-core microprocessor and runs on the Debian/Ubuntu platform. It has Built-in ROS and Blocky programming, while supporting a general Python Software interface. The robot comes with an image recognition algorithm that can work with a variety of camera, and can independent match different accessories such as a display, gripper suction pump, and more.

The robotic arm contains 6 high-performance servo motors that offer fast response, small inertia, and smooth rotation. The base and the end are equipped with Lego component interfaces to make it easier for the development of various micro-embedded equipment. It also has color recognition, It has a unique industrial and modular design. The result being that it has few spare parts, low maintenance costs, and quick disassembly and replacements.

The myCobot series includes the original myCobot, Commercial-level 1kg payload myCobot Pro, the Educational Kits, and now, the myCobot-Pi.

The robotic arm has many applications, including scientific research and education, smart home applications, and light industry and commercial applications. This can include anything from being a kitchen assistant (ex. myCobot can take bread out of a toaster and put it on a plate), to a perfect helper for a studio (ex. To act as a "third hand" to deliver tools), to a teaching assistant, simulating industrial robot sorting and handling.


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