Inaugural deeep AI Art Fair to Host the Most Extensive Showcase of Rising AI and ML Artists

The age of deep art has arrived, enabled by exponential technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and art collectors and investors are taking notice.

On the leading edge of the deep art trend, the Lebenson Gallery in London has partnered with MORF Gallery in San Jose and Hollywood, California, to co-found the deeep™ AI Art Fair together with international conference producers Elan To and Erin Lait. The vision for deeep is to be an ongoing platform for a diverse range of progressive artists to showcase their most ambitious work through a series of exhibitions in prominent art venues around the world. The inaugural show will be held during Frieze from 13-17 October, 2021 in Shoreditch, London at 148-150 Curtain Road and also be available online here. In the works are deeep 2 in 2022 in Silicon Valley, deeep 3 in 2023 in Europe, and deeep 4 in 2024 in Asia.

The inaugural deeep AI art fair will host the most extensive showcase of the world's progressive and rising AI and ML artists including, Ai-Da (humanoid robot), Daniel Ambrosi, Arnie, Jake Elwes, Graham Fink, Matt Juke, Joel Gethin Lewis, Adam Lieber, Machina Infinitum, Steve Matson, Pascal Mennesson, Obvious, Oxia Palus, Hannah Pratt, Alexander Reben, Pindar Van Arman, represented by their partner galleries. Many of these deeep founding artists have been making worldwide headlines like Obvious and their AI created 'Portrait of Edmond de Belamy' selling for $432,500, as Christie's first AI artwork ever sold. Another ground-breaking example is Oxia Palus for resurrecting the world's lost artwork with AI and their neomastic process. Each will have new works showcased at the London event. There will also be 12 partner galleries.

Stephane Bejean Lebenson, deeep Co-Founder and CEO of Lebenson Gallery, said, "deeep is a vision of what can be achieved by AI as a transcendent tool - an alter voice echoed from digital limbos."

"The deeep exhibition was created to enable artists and researchers to have a global stage to showcase artworks built with the latest technology innovations and to provide a gathering place for the world to experience the awe of unbounded human creativity," said Scott Birnbaum, deeep Co-Founder and CEO of MORF Gallery.

The deeep AI Art Fair will feature leading art and technology authorities including Tabitha Goldstaub, Co-founder of CogX; Parashkev Nachev, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology, University College London; Daniel Ambrosi, an early pioneer in AI art; Alexander Reben, artist and Director of Technology and Research at Stochastic Labs; Christophe Debonneuil, Block Chain Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; Stephane Bejean Lebenson, deeep Co-Founder and Lebenson Gallery CEO; and Scott Birnbaum, deeep Co-Founder and MORF Gallery CEO.

Several of the artists will be selling their work using a proprietary industry-first ArtStick™, developed by MORF Gallery, that transforms any TV into a mind-expanding fine art gallery that takes premium collecting to a new level for art lovers, collectors and NFT art investors.

Daniel Ambrosi, recognized as one of the founding creators of the emerging AI art movement, said, "I'm so pleased to have my Dreamscapes included at the deeep AI Art Fair because they directly link back to that seminal moment in the summer of 2015 when Google released DeepDream, inadvertently kicking off the current wave of AI art. Because I use a superscaled version of DeepDream customized to operate successfully on my giant photos, I've been able to keep this legacy alive and evolve it further even as most AI artists moved on to using GANs and other deep learning algorithms. I'm also proud to be a founding artist on MORF Gallery where ultra high resolution imagery like mine can be viewed with uncompromising quality on their innovative ArtStick™."

The deeep show is being supported by a Who's Who of organizations in the deep art and exponential technology ecosystem, including CogX, Computer Arts Society, The Design Museum, Elobrands, Gallery 46, Known Origin, NVIDIA, Samsung, Time Based Arts, Art Practice, UCL and the V&A.

"Artists around the world are creating incredible pieces using NVIDIA technology and AI as a tool, a collaborator, or a muse. We're excited to collaborate with the deeep AI Art Fair, and we look forward to seeing reactions to the artists' new works," said Heather Schoell, Sr. Art Director and Curator of the NVIDIA AI Art Gallery.


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