Cybraics' Upgraded Flagship Product Offers the Highest Level of Threat Detection and Strategic Automation

Cybraics, the most advanced ML/AI-based autonomous SIEM and MDR solutions provider, today announced major enhancement to its flagship product, nLighten, that solidify its position as the world's most advanced SIEM and MDR solution.

Two new technologies are now at the core of the entire engine - Adaptive Analytic Detection (AAD) and Persistent Behavior Tracing (PBT). These technologies empower clients with the most accurate, actionable, and automated cybersecurity solution available today.

The SIEM and MDR competitive landscape is filled with entrenched market leaders and new entrants regularly entering the industry. Still, few dynamic advancements have been made in the recent past. Cybraics is the first company to bring entirely new automation technology to the market to change SIEM and MDR fundamentally.

"nLighten benefits from years of advanced research at DARPA that focused on behavioral detection and context-based decisions. This research showed the cyber problem to be fragmented. The fragmentation of the cyber problem is a fundamental barrier to the advancement of cyber technology. This is why Cybraics focuses on the whole of the problem," said Rich Heimann, Chief AI Officer of Cybraics. "Using multitask meta-learning for distributed learning over the entire cybersecurity problem, we're uniquely able to find the most troublesome threats while also significantly reducing false positives. Simply put, our solution solves the vast majority of the underlying cyber problem far more effectively. As a result, nLighten is more advanced than any competitor currently offering SIEM and MDR solutions."

Two new technologies now comprise the core engine of the nLighten platform and fundamentally change how SIEM and MDR solutions perform. Adaptive Analytic Detection enables the system to autonomously review security data based on more than 250 behavioral analytic detections. This level of automation goes beyond entity-level to full case-level automation, enabling nLighten to reduce false positives by 95%. Persistent Behavior Tracing instantly reviews security events/behaviors across a lifetime of events - providing analysts the ability to correlate potentially malicious behavior with extreme ease.

Combining these two core technologies means that Cybraics is, pound for pound, the most effective cybersecurity solution available on the market today. Its ability to detect threats that elude other solutions places it on a level of its own - both from an automation and an ROI perspective. With Cybraics nLighten platform, companies can now reduce costly software expenditures by easily eliminating legacy SIEM systems, outdated log management software, user entity behavior analytics, and underperforming MDR solutions.

"It's given us amazing insight into our security analytics across the entire H.I.G. universe," said Marcos Marrero, Vice President of Information Security at H.I.G. Capital. "Cybraics provides just the right amount of information to determine if there are actual incidents or attacks happening within our environment. We're getting information that's actionable."

Key Insights:

  • 95% reduction in false positives.
  • 96% of case creation is performed automatically.
  • 26x more effective than SIEM + automation tools.
  • nLighten requires no baseline or continual tuning to correlate and prioritize threats across an entire enterprise.
  • It installs in hours and is simple to use.
  • Dedupes all alert data, no more heavy storage, and backup-restore requirements.

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