XAPP AI Announces New Advanced Low-Code Conversational AI Platform and Solutions

XAPP AI announces Optimal Conversation Studio Pro (OC Studio), the most advanced version of its low-code platform and toolkit for developing and managing enterprise, omni-channel virtual assistants. OC Studio Pro is part of the extensive community of Conversational AI solutions by AWS Partners and includes Optimal Conversation solutions for a range of use cases including customer support, sales support, HR support, Help Desk and Business Intelligence that can each be created in under 1 hour.

Succeeding with Conversational AI

"Succeeding with Conversational AI (CAI) is about fundamentally changing the way prospects, customers and employees interact with businesses and organizations - it's about giving them the ability to get what they want simply by asking", said Pat Higbie, Co-founder and CEO of XAPP AI. "Success with CAI requires rapid early successes to build the organizational credibility needed for long-term CAI transformation. Success also requires tools that enable businesspeople to create and optimize conversational experiences with no-code, as well as tools for developers to customize those experiences to satisfy the demands of more complex use cases."

OC Studio Pro leverages best-of-breed CAI services from AWS including Lex, Polly and Kendra to empower enterprises to succeed fast and continuously improve. It includes no-code solutions for intelligent search and conversational chat. These targeted solutions can be created in under an hour by automating knowledge capture from existing content and data found in FAQs, websites, and other accessible repositories; and they can be deployed in less than a day to give enterprises rapid success with dramatic return-on-investment (ROI).

"OC Studio Pro empowers organizations to create Optimal Conversations™ with little or no code through advanced conversational model management, dialog management and content management," said Curt Kolcun, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of XAPP AI. "It empowers enterprises to transcend the complexities inherent in transactional and contextual use cases that require integration with back-end services and demand user interfaces to be optimized across a wide range of voice, chat and text channels and multi-model devices."
OC Studio Pro is available immediately.

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