Bavard Launches New Dialogue Service that Uses Contextual AI for Training Smart Chatbots

Bavard is excited to announce its new Dialogue Service, a machine learning model that utilizes contextual AI. This game-changing functionality empowers companies to train their smart chatbot using a few different conversation examples and enables the bot to contextualize various interactions to provide even more human-like responses. This differentiating feature sets Bavard apart from most other chatbot companies.

Contextual AI enables smart chatbots to remember and use the full context of an interaction when making decisions. The system can behave dynamically and provide more intelligent responses by reviewing historical conversations and using those to determine how to respond during the next real-time conversation. And even more importantly, the Dialogue Service helps the bot learn when to escalate interactions to a live agent. It's an invaluable tool that creates a more personalized experience.

"Many conversational AI products are able to complete basic rule-based and question-answering functionalities, however what many of these products lack is context," said Angelique Brown, CEO and co-founder of Bavard. "With Bavard's Dialogue Service, our bots can learn what they should do in ambiguous situations when a user is not getting the response they desire and change its course of action accordingly. Very few current chatbot companies offer this functionality so we are excited about the potential."

There are several situations in various industries where a contextual response is preferable over a static one. Some common use cases include:

  • Ecommerce: Easily collect customer information on orders and preferences in order to suggest personalized recommendations on additional products related to their recent purchase
  •  Banking: Offer personalized greetings and be a navigational aid for customers that need to get secure information about their account without logging into their dashboard
  • Insurance: Collect data that allows the population of a form elsewhere to assist in a quoting process or getting a client onboarded

Regardless of industry, contextual AI is a game-changer in training a smart chatbot to enhance customer experiences. Chatbots are predicted to save businesses $8 billion by 2022 and Bavard is helping brands leverage the next evolution of this cutting-edge technology. Bavard's new Dialogue Service makes it even easier for a company to provide a personalized and pleasant interaction for customers and end users.


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