Nyfty.ai's Success in Suffolk Boost Comes with an US Investment Agreement

Nyfty.ai, creators of powerful AI Bots, used for automating construction processes, recently participated in Suffolk Technologies' "Boost Program'' for 2021. Nyfty was one of only six startups chosen, from a field of over 100, to participate in the program.

Nyfty.ai was established in Western Australia in 2018 by CEO and Co-founder Matt Edwards and CTO and Co-founder David Ewen. Convinced that the future is 'A.I. Native' they set out to overcome technology hesitancy by combining a completely natural A.I. experience with the ubiquity of SMS.

The pair are enjoying huge word-of-mouth success in the US and Canada. Even with no sales team they have thousands of daily active users, a number of impressive top tier customers including Suffolk Construction and Clark Builders (part of Turner Construction), alongside a long list of mid-sized Contractors in the US and Canada.

Suffolk Construction is an innovative construction enterprise and one of the top 25 contractors in the US, with an annual revenue of US$4 billion. Suffolk Construction "invests, innovates and builds". Suffolk Technologies is their technology capital investment arm that runs Suffolk Boost.

Suffolk Boost is an annual initiative that brings together Suffolk experts, leading academics and industry professionals, with construction technology startup founders. The program's goal is to present challenges facing the construction industry and explore groundbreaking tech that may help solve them.

"Nyfty helps solve a fundamental problem facing our industry, the labor shortage, by augmenting our project teams with 'Bots' that perform tedious or mundane tasks which are otherwise burdensome to our project teams." said Parker Mundt, Operating Director of Suffolk Technologies.

Kelsey Gauger, National Director, Operational Excellence at Suffolk added "The Nyfty Bots have the capability to reach out directly to our trade partners via SMS, collect critical data points, and automate the documentation of information within our project management software, Procore. This is a tedious reporting task that is typically handled by our project teams."

User feedback from Suffolk's project teams, on initial pilots, helped secure Nyfty a highly sought after place in the Boost program. Those teams, who were using Nyfty's Manpower Bot, reported extremely high NPS, ROI and star ratings - Suffolk's proprietary ranking system for tech solutions.

Kelsey, who was Nyfty's Team Sponsor during the program, went on to say, "It's exciting to imagine other processes that could be automated by these Bots and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Nyfty after the Boost program."

"Being invited to participate was such a great opportunity for any startup, let alone a couple of Aussie founders. It's a shame we couldn't be in Boston for Demo Day, due to strict travel restrictions, but I was there virtually on a giant Surface Hub." said Matt Edwards, Nyfty.AI Co-Founder and CEO. "The collaboration has been amazing, Suffolk is a truly forward thinking organisation with a spirit of openness that is extremely rare for a large enterprise. Their sharing of data and expertise has helped us simplify our pricing and ideate on new Bots and features, which has been invaluable."

"It's very impressive that Suffolk gathers industry experts to share knowledge and that senior management are so willing to spend their time getting involved and testing ideas." Matt continued, "A number of pilots already started testing a selection of Nyfty's Bots during the short, six week program. Actually seeing the real-world benefits the Bots can achieve has been awesome and the fact that our technology is being embraced by Suffolk is a huge endorsement for us."

Participation in Boost comes with an investment agreement and Nyfty will incorporate this into their next funding round, commencing early 2022.

Source: https://www.nyfty.ai/

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