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Experts Identify Potential Dual-Purpose Therapeutic Targets for Aging and Age-Associated Diseases

Insilico Medicine, a clinical-stage end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery company, announced that it has developed a distinctive approach for recognizing potential dual-purpose therapeutic targets for aging and age-related diseases along with PandaOmics, its proprietary AI-enabled biological target discovery platform.

Experts Identify Potential Dual-Purpose Therapeutic Targets for Aging and Age-Associated Diseases.
Insilico Medicine identifies potential dual-purpose therapeutic targets. Image Credit: Insilico.

The study was published in the journal Aging.

People are living longer all over the world. By 2030, one in every six people on the planet will be 60 years old or older, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Aging, on the other hand, makes an individual more vulnerable to a variety of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Age-related diseases account for roughly two-thirds of the 150,000 people who die every day around the world.

Many age-related pathologies may be ameliorated by targeting the aging process itself, according to new aging research. The research proposed by Insilico Medicine’s scientists aims to use artificial intelligence to identify potential targets that are linked to a variety of age-related diseases as well as play a role in the biology of aging.

The findings of this study could have a great impact on drug discovery and development for aging and age-related diseases.

To identify age-associated disease targets, Insilico Medicine used its PandaOmics platform to identify targets for 14 age-associated diseases (AADs) and 19 non-age-associated diseases (NAADs) across numerous disease areas.

As part of a comprehensive assessment, 145 genes — including 69 high confidence targets with potential for high druggability, 48 medium novel targets with potential for medium to high druggability and 28 highly novel targets with potential for medium druggability — were considered as potential aging-related targets and mapped into corresponding aging hallmark(s).

Developing interventions that target multiple age-associated diseases and aging itself could result in unprecedented health benefits by not only treating disease, but also extending lifespan and providing for fresh drug repurposing candidates.

Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CEO, Insilico Medicine

The current study also demonstrated the power of the PandaOmics AI-powered target discovery platform to identify novel dual-purpose targets not only for specific disorders but across multiple types of diseases, enabling biologists and clinicians to further investigate their therapeutic potential in a cost-saving and time-efficient manner,” concludes Alex Zhavoronkov.

The research revealed a list of potential therapeutic dual-purpose aging targets for drug discovery.

Journal Reference:

Pun, F. W., et al. (2022) Hallmarks of aging-based dual-purpose disease and age-associated targets predicted using PandaOmics AI-powered discovery engine. Aging.


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