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Litter-Robot to Perform Litter Box Cleaning Task

In houses that have cats as pets, one of the most cumbersome tasks would be cleaning the litter box. Now this chore could be handled by the Litter-Robot, which is the first ever automated and self cleaning litter box in the US and an invention of Automated Pet Care Products.

This robot gives cat owners the freedom and time to do other important things or even go for a weekend outing without any qualms about the litter box. The Litter-Robot cleans the litter box in a very simple manner just like garbage bag being changed every few days. Just seven minutes after the cat uses the box, the robot automatically starts rotating, sifting and dumping the litter into a large waste drawer, which is covered with a plastic bag, thus leaving behind a clear and clean bed of litter for the cat. The Litter-Robot also makes sure that the environment is odor-free and it eliminates the necessity of scooping a dirty litter box manually forever. The efficient sifting system helps the owner to save almost 50% on litter.

According to Brad Baxter, who is the President of Automated Pet Care Products, the Litter-Robot was a unique invention that saved both money and time for its owners, giving them time to even go on a weekend trip without any worries about the litter-box. Moreover, it does not need special waste trays or costly litter crystals or even chemical cartridges for operation. It incorporates a patented litter sifting system without any rake that could clog or jam and also does not contain any special bags or receptacles. It could work with any clumping litter and radically reduce the odor.



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