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Gaussian Robotics' Brand Name Changed to “Gausium”

Gaussian Robotics, a leading solutions provider of AI-based autonomous cleaning and service robots, announced that it has changed its brand name to "Gausium". This heralds a new stage of a multi-brand strategy for the company, along with the rollout of its ground-breaking new cleaning bot product "Phantas".

Over the past few years, the company has ramped up its efforts in robotic cleaning and servicing, offering a comprehensive line of autonomous cleaning robots and launching the autonomous delivery bot "X1", and introducing a brand-new commercial cleaning bot "Phantas". The company has indicated that building a platform-based service robots ecosystem will be key to its development strategy in the coming years.

The brand name "Gausium" derives from the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, whose theories and models provided a foundation for the development of the autonomous navigation algorithms — SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Unlike many of the industry players that started from supplying traditional cleaning equipment, Gausium was established as a provider of SLAM solutions and robotics software.

This becomes the bedrock of the company's fast scale-up of its robotic products. The technological edge in fields like Visual-LiDAR SLAM, back-end cloud computing, AIoT systems and mobile apps will secure for the company a leadership position in the marketplace.

According to Peter Kwestro, Overseas BD Director of Gausium, the new brand name represents the company's positioning of 3 "I"s — "Innovative", "Intelligent", "Industry leader", and that the Gausium autonomous solutions are developed under a "3S Principle" — "Smarter", "Safer" and "Simpler".

Gausium believes that the future of the service sectors will hinge on smart robotics solutions, and aims to promote the smart digital transformation of the service industries. It aspires to lead the service robot industry to create a new generation of smart service platform and build the AIoT-enabled smart city infrastructure for the future. "Finally, a smart service ecosystem will be built on a global scale to fulfill the 'prophecies' and make dreams into reality, " said Edward Cheng, founder & CEO of Gausium.

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