Dynam.AI Launches Vizlab 1.0A for Data Scientists

Dynam.AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) software development firm with expertise in real-world AI, today announced the limited commercial release of Vizlab™1.0A. This exclusive Alpha program is designed to provide VIP access for select data scientists with ready use cases to experience a faster more accurate AI development platform, with API integrations to their favorite AI/machine learning (ML) applications such as Jupiter Notebook and ML Flow. Dynam.AI is offering incentives to participate in exchange for valuable feedback as the company continues to build out functionality and capabilities to meet current market demand. 

Subscribers to VizLab's Alpha version will gain early access to capabilities not currently available in the market today, including an automated AI workbench and development acceleration. Vizlab's fully customizable, easy-to-use, drag and drop interface in an API-integrative platform consolidates end-to-end workflow while increasing the speed and accuracy of data analytic results through access to patent-pending AI/ML technology advances.

"We are so proud to be able to offer data scientists the AI development suite they have been craving in Vizlab," said Diana Shapiro, CEO of Dynam.AI. "Vizlab provides AI development teams with automated tools and novel ML technologies that foster customization so AI experts can excel with complex model development and spend less time on repetitive tasks like data preparation. We encourage expert AI/ML data science experts to visit Vizlab.AI for a demo and to apply as an Alpha Development Partner to take advantage of these special incentives during our limited commercial release."

Supporting a Broader Range of AI Development Needs

Among many other unique assets, the revolutionary and highly customizable Vizlab platform utilizes Dynam's patent-pending Physics AI Wrapper, invented by Chief Scientific Officer Dimitry Fisher, Ph.D., to solve a major problem with AI/ML today: a lack of real-world context. Vizlab with Physics AI Wrapper helps data scientists synthetically create, and model laws of nature, physics, human behavior, and common sense, which enables model training to simulate the real-world environment, so analytic results more accurately reflect real world conditions.

Previously only available to clients through Dynam.AI's consulting services, Vizlab enables ML data scientists to automate and standardize AI pro-workflow in a single workspace to design, build, optimize and deploy AI engines at scale. Now, with the limited commercial availability of VizLab, Dynam can support a broader range of customer needs based on the level of service each customer seeks.

"Vizlab is revolutionizing artificial intelligence and machine learning development while also increasing ROI for Dynam.AI customers," said Shapiro. "It's a fully customizable end-to-end platform that accelerates execution while effectively organizing AI/ML workflows between advanced data scientists and supporting team members. Initially offering Vizlab at no charge as a standalone subscription service for select DIY customers—as well as for our existing end-to-end consulting services for clients—allows us to support an even greater number of enterprises with evolving, differentiated needs and capabilities."

Impactful Early Adopters

As demand for more sophisticated AI pro-workflow tools explodes and more organizations hire in-house data scientists to cost-effectively solve complex business use cases, Dynam has recognized the vast, pent-up commercial opportunity for DIY access to the company's AI technologies and, in turn, forged meaningful partnerships with early adopters of the Vizlab platform.

One impactful early adopter of Vizlab and Dynam.AI's data scientist team is American Robotics, a subsidiary of Ondas Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: ONDS). American-Robotics designed the first fully-FAA approved autonomous drone system for critical infrastructure customers. The company partnered with Dynam.AI in Q4 2021 to ramp up and scale their AI-enabled software suite of actionable data analytics from drone-acquired data for remote decision making.

"We wanted an AI partner with next generation technology and expertise to co-develop our AI-driven software solutions for clients," said Reese Mozer, Founder and CEO of American Robotics. "Dynam's Physics AI Wrapper and data science team of physicists have us well-positioned in the coming months to pioneer a suite of predictive analytics from drone-acquired image/video data for our clients initially in the oil/gas and rail sectors for security detection, loss of containment, fugitive emissions, and early detection of failure."

How to Become a Vizlab User

Dynam.AI values input from data scientists seeking a one-stop-shop for advanced development tools with a vastly improved user experience. During the limited commercial release period for Vizlab, enterprise data scientists interested in becoming an Alpha Development Partner can request a demo and access at Vizlab.AI or email the Dynam.AI team at [email protected] with the subject line "Vizlab." Alpha Development Partner users for this release will be hand-selected based on qualifying use cases.

Vizlab 's 1.0 wide-release commercial launch is scheduled for Fall 2022. Early adopter Alpha Development Partners will receive incentives, including complimentary access during the limited commercial release, followed by a significant subscription discount for the full version.

About Dynam.AI is an AI development and data science firm focused on working with industry to identify critical business problems and then building the right machine learning solutions to address them. Powered by Vizlab™, our automated workbench of data preparation tools, and the patent-pending Physics AI Wrapper, customizable machine learning models and our team of highly skilled ML data scientists, we help clients apply advanced AI solutions to solve complex, real-world use cases. 

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