Vicomtech and Deepen AI Collaborate on a Complex Automotive Project

Vicomtech, a world leader in applied research centre specialising in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Multimedia technologies, chose Deepen AI as their preferred partner to collaborate on a time-sensitive and complex annotation project. Building on that success, Vicomtech and Deepen AI will expand their partnership to cover a range of cutting-edge automotive projects.

Today's driving accidents are mainly due to human error. To make roads safer, Vicomtech devised a Driver Monitoring Dataset (DMD), a multi-modal dataset that can contribute to the development of Driver Monitoring Systems; so we can rely on technology and put a brake on these undesirable statistics.

"We believe this collaboration will play a crucial role in making our roads safer for everyone around the world. We are glad to have partnered with Deepen AI for this project and look forward to doing more exciting work with them." - Marcos Nieto, Head of Cooperative & Connected Automated Systems, Vicomtech.

The project required accurate annotation of over 1.6M frames with more than 15 attributes, to be completed in a time-sensitive manner. Deepen AI was chosen among many other strong competitors for its ability to scale and deliver this large dataset while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

"The demand for high-quality annotated data is increasing rapidly. The industry needs quick turnaround to support the growing demand. We are thrilled to be among the top organizations to be able to provide scale - while maintaining the highest quality. Vicomtech's trust in collaborating with us on this critical project is a testament to it" - Mohammad Musa, CEO and Founder, Deepen AI

Deepen AI's web-based secure tools can be deployed on-premise, and cloud, and are fully compliant with global standards like GDPR. Deepen AI's annotation tools support all types of key cases.

Deepen AI's annotation tool provides enterprises with features to easily manage, track and increase productivity:

  • Reporting - To support all business needs to give clients key information with a click of a button.
  • Task Management - Complete lifecycle of tasks made to support huge annotation teams, with the ability to streamline and automate your dataset workflow experience.
  • Quality Assurance - Built-in QA flow allows enterprises to easily verify the quality of processed data to maintain quality standards with features like sub-sampling, comments and automatic checker.

Deepen AI's suite of products also includes Deepen Calibrate - Deepen Calibrate can cut the time spent on calibrating multi-sensor data from hours to minutes, enabling accurate localization, mapping, sensor fusion perception, and control.


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