AI-Based Software is Crucial for Lung Diagnostics

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. Prof. Dr. Jörg Michael Neuerburg is convinced of this: "Repetitive work in our specialties, such as the determination and comparison of measured values, is an excellent domain for the use of algorithms," says the head physician of the central department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the Evangelisches Klinikum Niederrhein (EKN).

It is therefore only logical that the radiologists at the EKN rely on AI-based software for lung diagnostics. contextflow SEARCH Lung CT is designed to help improve lung diagnostics qualitatively and quantitatively and to support the estimation of the distribution pattern of, for example, emphysema, amongst others. "These distribution patterns are important to pulmonologists because they serve as the basis for setting valves to adequately ventilate the lungs. Therefore, we have adapted our findings to provide quantitative results on the extent to which, for example, the upper lobe is ventilated differently than the middle lobe after valve placement," Prof. Neuerburg explains.

In addition, contextflow SEARCH Lung CT is used as part of staging for round heart detection during follow-ups. The previous examinations are compared with the current results in order to identify modular structural densities. In addition, the system detects new nodules and automatically measures the volumes of existing ones. In this way, the solution enables a reliable assessment of the course of therapy.

Artificial Intelligence Must be Fully Integrated

According to Prof. Neuerburg, full integration into the usual radiological workflow is an absolute must for the acceptance of AI solutions, in addition to the reproducibility of results. "If a separate program has to be opened and the images may additionally have to be sent to another computer, the workflow is delayed. Radiology, like all other departments, is measured by throughput. If AI means additional work, acceptance is low. This is a problem that contextflow has solved very well in collaboration with our PACS vendor VISUS. SEARCH Lung CT is perfectly integrated into the workflow," says the chief radiologist.


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