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Mobile Robot Company RGGI's LilBuddy Exceeds Original Expectations in Payload Capacity

LilBuddy™ from Mobile Robot Company $RGGI Payload Capacity Exceeding Original Expectations; Resgreen Group International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: RGGI)

  • Robotic Systems Developer with Years of Management Experience.
  • Proven Material Handling AGV Robots going into Commercial Uses.
  • Materials On Hand for Elevated Production of PullBuddy(TM) AGV Fleet.
  • Floor Testing for Pre-Production of LilBuddy(TM) AMR Product.
  • Completion of Phase I Automated Material Handling System at Atlantic Precision Products (APP).
  • Second Phase Quoted Serving as Extension of Automated Call System.

RGGI a leading mobile robot company, announced today initial results of payload capacity during pilot testing underway for LilBuddy™ has exceeded RGGI's original projections and expectations.

Initial test results for LilBuddy™ shows that the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) easily surpassed the load capacity of 100kg and can readily navigate tight spaces in a corridor. These results demonstrate that LilBuddy™ is best suited to finish internal delivery of workpieces in compact, narrow, and maze-like environments often sustained in machining centers and micro-distribution staging stations.

LilBuddy™ travels at a speed of up to 8.64 km/h (2.4 m/s) while avoiding both static and dynamic obstacles. In comparison to the company's other vehicles, LilBuddy™ is ultra compact (432 mm length x 432 mm width x 280 mm height). As a result, this AMR is able to effectively navigate in tight spaces. By way of example, LilBuddy™ has the ability to move through door openings with a width of only 800 mm (~2.63 ft).

LilBuddy™'s hybrid ability, the use of magnetic tape and natural guidance, allows for greater versatility within its working environment. The AMR's features include front and rear solid state 2D/3D lidars that are used to map the areas traveled in and detect obstacles in its path. Once LilBuddy™ learns the map, it can be dispatched to any location with triggers and commands from BotWay™ and BotWay™ connected devices. Routes, a series of waypoints and commands, can also be set up with a companion app or BotWay™ to specify exact movements and commands in long distance travel or complex chains of events.


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