Solidus AI Tech Provides Affordable Computing Power via High-Performance Computing Data Centers

The world is becoming more digitized, and technology continues to evolve rapidly. As a result, there's an increased need for high computing power (HCP) in areas such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

While HCP resources are largely available in the US, they are lacking in Europe. Solidus AI Tech seeks to solve this problem by building data centers across Europe.

What is Solidus AI Tech?

Solidus AI Tech is an AI infrastructure that provides affordable computing power to large institutions via its high-performance computing (HPC) data centers. The very first of its kind, Solidus AI Tech, is implementing several key blockchain strategies along with its AI infrastructure to optimize the efficiency of its services.

Currently, computing power is one of the greatest needs in the rapidly developing digital world, and Solidus AI Tech aims to provide an abundance of it to the necessary institutions. The idea behind the project is to reduce the costs of computing while supporting developers and other large institutions to deliver their applications as quickly and securely as possible.

Based in Bucharest, Solidus AI Tech intends to bridge the widening gap in limited HPC resources across Europe and become a major HPC provider in the world. It is working to create a highly innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where its services can be purchased using the world's first AI token and its native cryptocurrency, AITECH.

Solidus AI Tech intends to provide government authorities and megacorps with unparalleled sources of computing power via its various major HPC data centers running on 100% clean energy. The platform also provides its services to small and medium enterprises, as well as individual developers.

Solidus AI Tech Passes CertiK Security Audit

Solidus AI Tech has remained committed to its goal of providing users with a highly secure platform; hence the project has been audited by the leading blockchain auditing firm, CertiK.

CertiK's comprehensive audit is targeted at detecting any vulnerabilities in the project's source code utilizing static analysis and manual review techniques. CertiK meticulously analyzed Solidus AI Tech's entire code base during the audit, strictly following high standardization requirements throughout the process.

The security firm paid special attention to the following features during the audit:

  • Testing the project's smart contracts against common and rare attack vectors.
  • Ensuring that the contract's logic matches the design specs and design purpose.
  • Evaluating the codebase to ensure that it complies with best practices and industry standards.
  • Comparing similar smart contract structures established by industry leaders.
  • Comprehensive manual review of the codebase by experts, line-by-line.

Upon completion of the audit, CertiK addressed any vulnerabilities discovered and gave the Solidus AI Tech team some recommendations, which the project's team will be moving to the mainnet shortly.

Solidus Token Sale Continues to Progress

Solidus AI Tech has completed both the private sale and presale of its native token, AITECH, the world's first AI cryptocurrency.

The project has reached its soft cap at $8.1 million and it currently sits at $17.5 million in raised funds. Apart from this, they have onboarded another VC investor in the face of Acacia Digital Holdings.

The team has ramped up marketing efforts considerably and they have a stall at the world blockchain summit. They've onboarded Timmo Trippler, as well as Simon Cocking, and Jason Hung as ICO advisors


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