Quantiphi Partners with Unqork to Launch AI-Powered Document Processing Platform

Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, entered into a strategic partnership with Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code platform, as a select launch partner for Unqork's third-party publisher program.

Last year Unqork launched the first-ever no-code marketplace, designed to help users build complex software faster through pre-built software snippets and templates to integrations. The Unqork Marketplace provides users with access to industry-specific tools that help reduce application time-to-market and increase developer productivity, business agility, and innovation.

Quantiphi will launch Dociphi, an AI-powered document processing platform on the Unqork Marketplace. Dociphi enables insurers to fast-track their routine business workflows and increase operational efficiency while ensuring compliance. This partnership will help insurers worldwide leverage Unqork's no-code environment to quickly integrate Dociphi into their unique workflows and help them:

"Carriers are facing the ever-increasing pressure to digitize and modernize their core underwriting and claims processes in order to increase customer experience, insure risks faster and drive costs lower. The Dociphi platform provides a unique value proposition of digitizing the document intake process with the help of AI/ML along with enhanced workflows built on Unqork's no-code environment," said Bhaskar Kalita, Global Head, Financial Services and Insurance, Quantiphi. "We are excited to partner with Unqork. This partnership will enable insurers to spend their time and energy on delivering exceptional digital experiences to their customers."

The powerful combination of Unqork and Dociphi will empower customers to reimagine core business processes and gain valuable insights to make critical business decisions.

"Quantiphi's Dociphi application is the perfect example of the third-party publishing program at work," said Farooq Sheikh, Global Head of Insurance, Unqork. "This program enables Quantiphi to share an industry-specific solution with our insurance customers and showcases Unqork's ability to accelerate digitization for complex industry needs like clearance, accelerated document processing, and fraud prevention."

The partnership between Quantiphi and Unqork will unlock infinite possibilities of no-code enterprise-wide automation. Most importantly, the partnership will create a frictionless integration experience and improve insurers' time-to-market.

"This partnership will help financial enterprises automate and streamline their document-heavy business processes and accelerate their overall digital transformation journey'', said Vikas Sachdeva, Global Head, FSI Advisory Services, Quantiphi. "Together with Unqork, we are excited to bring advanced and efficient solutions to the industry."

Source: https://quantiphi.com/

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