InGen Dynamics and Alectio Collaborate to Build the New Generation of Robot and AI Capabilities

At Ingen Dynamics, our vision is to build a better future through our intuitive, intelligent, and practical AI, and Robotics solutions. Our goal is to help millions of people live fuller, healthier, and safer lives regardless of where they are in the world, even at their place of work. We do this by designing, engineering, and building next-generation products that intelligently learn, communicate, and integrate through our revolutionary Origami Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) over the Internet.

Through Origami's PaaS connectivity, our products seamlessly connect with existing home networks, business environments, and security infrastructure, making their deployment incredibly simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

The Origami Platform™ serves as an artificial brain, task orchestrator, and central Cloud-based nervous system that intelligently coordinates all our Smart Automation, AI, and Robotics solutions in real-time from anywhere in the world.To take this even further, inGen Dynamics wanted to dramatically enhance The Origami Platform™ to enable our AI-Enabled Robots to independently learn on-premise, via local network edge devices, without the need for always-on Internet PaaS access. This would extend, optimize, and streamline robot performance.

InGen Dynamics and Alectio have partnered to develop ground-breaking methods to enable Robot-based Machine Learning (ML) on the edge to create a newly enhanced distributed version of The Origami Platform™.

Alectio will provide an array of AI technologies for ML running on the edge that will be natively integrated into this new version of the platform.

Robots of the future will perceive. Robots of the future will feel. Robots of the future will understand. It can do what the user needs it to do, for all, in all circumstances. But robots of the future will also self-adapt and learn, and that's something that traditional Machine Learning systems just cannot do… yet.

Solving the Challenges of Machine Learning on the Edge - Despite of all the progress in Machine Learning in recent years, today's ML systems come with a caveat: they are trained offline, on large quantities of training data, which makes them both expensive to develop and challenging to refresh and maintain. Besides, such models are often very large which limits the number of models that can be served on the edge of a single device.

Alectio's proprietary Data Selection technology was developed to address these issues by ensuring model lightness and enabling online learning on the edge.

Alectio, the DataPrepOps(R) Company offers the first MLOps pipeline for Data-Centric AI which enables companies to build better models with a fraction of the training data, and offers a framework to compress those models for optimal performance on the edge, leading to significant reduction in serving latency.

How Alectio and InGen Dynamics are Pioneering the Future of Robotics

For the first time ever, Alectio is combining all its relevant products into its Robotics Suite to address every single limitation to Machine Learning on the edge and partnering with InGen Dynamics to build the new generation of robot and AI capabilities. Thanks to this collaboration, you will soon meet the next generation of robots and AI products powered by edge Machine Learning, loaded with more features and with a shorter reaction time, that is also capable of learning and adapting in near-real-time.

To realize this future, inGen Dynamics and Alectio designers and engineers are symbiotically collaborating on the AI aspects of the Origami Platform™ to take it a quantum leap forward. The newly distributed version of the platform will allow all inGen Dynamics products and solutions to work independently (locally) through the Edge or (globally) through the PaaS with automated synchronization between them.

"Our new family of inGen Dynamics robots will be packed with highly advanced specifications, state-of-the-art technology, features, and capabilities. Through this new collaboration with Alectio, these robots will gain the ability to dynamically learn and adapt to new environments and conditions, without having to relearn the entire environment, by leveraging the new distributed version of The Origami Platform. We cannot wait to introduce you to the robot of the future, and we hope that you feel the same way. inGen is excited to welcome Alectio into our partner portfolio and to offer our potential customers a superior experience like no other," said inGen Dynamics Founder and CEO Arshad Hisham.

"Alectio is the first company to offer the Data Filter, a lightweight Machine Learning model deployable on the edge, capable of determining the informational value of a new data record, so that only the relevant data is captured at the edge. Instead of collecting all data in a brute-force fashion, a robot equipped with a data filter retains high-value data only and can therefore operate with limited on-edge storage, even in low-connectivity situations." said Alectio Founder and CEO Dr. Jennifer Prendki.

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