IVC Evidensia Adopts SignalPET's AI-Powered Radiology to Revolutionize In-Clinic Diagnostics

SignalPET announces that IVC Evidensia has adopted its new technology that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and exceedingly rapid radiology readings, slashing diagnostic time from days to minutes.

The point-of-care radiology technology, developed and patented by SignalPET, sends X-rays films through an AI Machine Learning technology to get the results back instantly, much quicker than sending them to a radiology specialist to analyze results, which can take up to three days.

IVC Evidensia is the first UK hospital network to see clear benefits when compared with the traditional specialist review, as it is very quick in determining a diagnosis with a high degree of accuracy - identifying typically clear changes such as osteoarthritis or more challenging interpretations such as lung, cardiac or abdominal abnormalities.

As one of the world's leading veterinary care providers, IVC Evidensia will launch the technology into all of its daytime and out-of-hours UK practices. The roll-out will incorporate the AI technology being implemented in hundreds of UK clinics in 2022 alone, with a wider roll-out within the UK and Europe going into 2023.

Alistair Cliff, IVC Evidensia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer, commented: "The AI radiology process developed by SignalPET represents a real revolution in how results are analyzed. The overwhelming success of our initial trial in November means we are confident in pushing ahead with rolling out the technology in the UK this year and, eventually, in Europe too. Some of our Canadian clinics already use the system and find it incredibly beneficial."

"As leaders in clinical excellence and innovation, we're pleased to be the first veterinary business to roll this technology out in the UK."

Initially, the AI technology had been implemented as a trial from November 2021 in 22 IVC Evidensia practices across the UK for up to 12 weeks to better understand the benefits of this ground-breaking technology and how to best adapt ways of working around it. After almost 1,000 studies from trial clinics, it was clear there were huge benefits, including saving valuable time and in practice, as well as improving confidence in the diagnosis.

The majority of trial teams viewed the technology as a positive diagnostic aid, supporting their own professional opinion and giving it a 95% approval rating. It also served as a learning tool, increasing the confidence and clinical independence of younger or newly qualified vets.

Dr. Neil Shaw, the Chief Veterinary Officer and Co-Founder of SignalPET, added, "SignalPET is proud to partner with IVC Evidensia. Together, more pets will benefit from high-quality imaging diagnostics, and definitely more lives will be saved with point-of-care radiology. IVC Evidensia's commitment to care, commitment to their hospitals and teams, as well as commitment to advancing our profession make them the perfect partner. Throughout the trial period with IVC Evidensia, the data demonstrated the strong impact on medicine, the impact on efficiency, the impact on care, and the impact on financials. SignalPET, already the largest veterinary radiograph interpretation company in the world, is paving the way for new standards in radiology. The combination of state-of-the-art engineering, the highest quality of medicine, and extreme cost-effectiveness available to any veterinary practice anywhere that is connected to the internet - is simply awesome. Millions of pets and their families will be the beneficiaries. This is the single biggest advancement of our profession since the expansion of specialty veterinary services from universities to major metropolitan service areas"

The roll-out across IVC Evidensia UK clinics, as well as additional sites in mainland Europe and the EU, will begin immediately.

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