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Neato Robotics Launches New Accessories and Software Updates for Intelligent Robot Vacuums

Neato Robotics, the Silicon Valley based consumer robotics company, today announces its "Customize Your Clean" initiative including the global launch of Neato Fragrance Pods and filters for the Neato D-Series intelligent robot vacuums. The new accessories join an already impressive lineup of bespoke features and accessories including the new Neato Pet Brush, Neato Fragrance Pods, and software updates enabling consumers to create a personalized cleaning experience tailored to their individual homes and lifestyles.

Recognizing that no two homes are alike, Neato Robotics is catering to different home layout sizes, floor types, and household needs by encouraging consumers to mix and match the robot vacuum, accessories, and features that are right for them. A bonus for pet owners, those that work-at-home and allergy sufferers, the new accessories and software features will enable users to tailor their cleaning experiences with custom smart maps to clean their unique homes effectively. The latest upgrades and features include:

Neato Fragrance Pods + Filters for that 'Just Cleaned' Smell 

Neato Robotics is the first robot vacuum brand to offer three different Neato fragrance scents on a global scale. The new scents available are 'Sweet' (Apple Melon), 'Calm' (Gentle Lavender), and 'Fresh' (Citrus). The Neato Fragrance Pods will support customers in freshening stale, musty air, while the robot vacuums Dirt, Dust, and Dander from their floors. Now with Neato D-Series intelligent robot vacuums, it will not just be visually apparent that a room has been cleaned, the fragrance will ensure the room smells fresh too. The Fragrance Pods are compatible with the Neato Robotics Ultra- Performance and True HEPA filters, the latter of which are as efficient as an N99 mask at capturing up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles down to 0.3 microns. 

Neato Pet Brush to Help Clean Up Our Furry Friends

The newly launched Neato Pet Brush was designed specifically for pet owners who have pets with short or medium length fur. The Pet Brush brings customized home cleaning to the next level, with a wider brush to cover a larger surface area and picks up 25% more hair than the regular brush. Compatible with the Fragrance Pods and interchangeable filters, this Pet Brush helps get rid of unwanted hair and provides customers with more leisure time with their pets. The Pet Brush joins the Neato Helix Multi-Surface Brush, which boasts a 50% quieter clean on hard surfaces, as well as the Spiral Combo Brush, which is a great all-purpose brush and ships standard on Neato D8 models. 

Software Features to P​​​​​​​ersonalize Your Clean Even More 

The new software feature updates enable users to tailor their premium cleaning experience to reflect how they use their home. Enabled by the MyNeato app, users can now schedule cleaning routines and create cleaning across multiple zones, enabling users to designate which rooms of their house get cleaned in which order, how frequently, and which cleaning mode depending on the type of surface it has, and the noise level present during cleaning. Neato Robotics also rolled out a "surprise and delight" feature via over-the-air-updates to all users called Quick Boost charging. Quick Boost can shave minutes or even hours off of a cleaning run by using machine learning and AI to calculate the amount of space left to clean. The robot will then be recharged only as much as necessary to complete the job as opposed to charging to 100%. 

"We always strive to be a leader in innovation to reach the next level of a home cleaning experience," said Thomas Nedder, CEO, Neato Robotics. "At Neato Robotics we understand that no two homes are the same. There is no one-size-fits all cleaning solution. We believe that a premium product should be a bespoke one, like a custom-tailored suit, matched to each user's preference." 

Neato Fragrance Pods and True HEPA and Ultra-Performance filters are compatible with all Neato D-Series models and available for purchase in packs of 6 (Neato Fragrance Pods) and 4 (Filters) In North America, the Neato Fragrance Pods ($19.99) and Neato Pet Brush ($39.99) are available respectively on:, as well as on Amazon with more retailers coming soon.

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