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Flow Robotics Introduces HEPA Filter on flowbot ONE

All over the world, researchers and scientists are developing new technologies and carrying out innovative and groundbreaking research. To get the best results, it is essential that their experiments and samples are protected from contamination.

This is why Danish robotics company, Flow Robotics, has made their pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, available with a HEPA filter.

A HEPA filter is ideal when working with sensitive samples. It provides effective air replacement throughout the lab processes and filters airborne dust, bacteria, viruses, and other particles from the incoming airflow. This will create an ideal environment for pipetting and protect sensitive material.

"The HEPA filter on flowbot® ONE clean 99.995% of 0.3 µm particles and is designed to be as simple and effective as possible," says Flow Robotics' CTO Kjetil Kræmer.

The filter installation is intended for use in a normal dry indoor laboratory environment. Simply press a button and adjust the required airflow speed up to 0.5 m/s.

For optimal cleanliness, flowbot® ONE is also available with UV-C light that will efficiently disinfect the robot after use and in-between runs.

"Together the features will ensure that labs perform their absolute best, and that contamination will become a thing of the past," explains CTO Kjetil Kræmer.

flowbot® ONE remains a user-friendly turnkey solution. In line with its overall ambition of being the most flexible automation solution on the market, both the HEPA filter and UV light are optional add-ons - allowing labs to choose the solution that best fits their needs.


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