Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited Aims to Launch Complete AMR Solution in 2025

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited, founded in 2013, is developing AMRs to speed up order fulfillment and improve employer performance in warehouses, a market that is anticipated to reach US$41 billion globally by 2027 amid widespread automation. 

The company is accelerating the commercialization of its AMRs for deployment, having deployed its present fleet of cutting-edge AMRs and AI-powered software with a select group of distribution facilities across a range of industries in China for testing purposes. 

"Our ultimate goal is for our robotics fulfillment suite to be trusted by the world's biggest names in retail and e-commerce," said Quan Lan, Chief Executive Officer at Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited. "We aim to launch our complete AMR solution to meet expansion demand and commercialization, reach new partners, and accelerate our unique product roadmap in 2025." 

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited claims its robots, which will include robotic arms and artificial intelligence-powered software to operate them, can be "taught" to select and pack millions of unique items while adapting to vastly differing package sizes at speed. And while the company currently bases its technology around AI and computer vision to identify items and read codes, over time, it is likely that it will also incorporate other types of innovative technology, such as radio-wave scanning, to identify objects.

"We are engineering a suite of AMRs that can safely work alongside humans and collaborate with them rather than replace them. As a result, our customers will have a convenient solution with the ideal mix of power and flexibility to handle diverse product inventories, volume, and fulfillment needs," said Stephen Lei, Chief Technology Officer at Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited. 

With AMRs already surpassing AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in terms of units shipped and worldwide revenue in 2022, the gap is anticipated to widen over the coming years. Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited looks to establish itself as a global leader in its field and compete in today's age of immediacy, where customers expect their orders to arrive on the same day.


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