IronYun Releases Vaidio AI Vision Platform: Vaidio 6.2 to Deliver the Full Potential of AI-Enabled Video Analytics

IronYun Inc., a leader in AI vision for security, safety, and operational applications, today announced the latest release of its Vaidio® AI Vision Platform: Vaidio 6.2.

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform now supports dozens of advanced, AI-enabled video analytics functions including intrusion detection, object detection, behavior and condition detection, LPR, vehicle make/model, smoke, fire, weapon, PPE, and more. Vaidio is an open platform. It works with most IP cameras and integrates with dozens of video management systems. Vaidio reduces false alerts and brings a broad range of advanced AI analytics to new and existing video infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems and with a typical deployment time of days instead of weeks or months.

Vaidio 6.2 broadens the applications for Vaidio AI. The award-winning Vaidio Platform now includes an enterprise class federation engine for large scale deployments, Vaidio Command Center; a world-class reporting and business intelligence engine, Vaidio Data; and new features including cross-camera tracking, scene change detection, and detail extraction.

"As the number of users and use cases for the Vaidio Platform grows, our team continues to improve and expand the technology to deliver the full potential of AI-enabled video analytics," said Paul Sun, President and CEO of IronYun. "Vaidio 6.2 delivers the applications, decision-making intelligence, and scale that customers and partners have been asking for."

Vaidio 6.2 highlights:

Vaidio Command Center

Vaidio Command Center federates local analytics appliances to simplify management at scale. It  centralizes alert monitoring, event search, and node and camera management across dozens of nodes and thousands of cameras. Vaidio Command Center centralizes event processing and information analysis to enable larger scale deployments of Vaidio AI for retail, banking, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality operations and more.

Vaidio Data

Vaidio Data is enterprise-class reporting and video data intelligence. Vaidio Data analyzes video metadata related to people, vehicles, objects, and events to drive actionable business insights and provide comprehensive statistical reporting. Reports can be filtered by time and camera location and data can be distributed back to the business as actionable intelligence.

Cross-Camera Tracking 

Vaidio Cross-Camera Tracking can identify and track a person across multiple cameras without pre-loading a list or database. Users select distinguishing features (clothing, hair color, objects carried, etc.) from any live camera view or video search frame. Vaidio then searches across multiple cameras and identifies all frames with similar subjects. Vaidio sorts potential matches chronologically and links those traces to camera locations on a map. Directional arrows show the subject's path across-cameras. This data can be shared via Excel export. The Cross-Camera Tracking feature is helpful in live and forensic situations, works in indoor and outdoor environments, and scales from 1 to hundreds or even thousands of cameras.

Vaidio Edge

Vaidio Edge is a small IoT (Nvidia Jetson) device that supports up to four cameras to provide access control using LPR, Intrusion Detection, or Facial Recognition. Vaidio Edge 6.2 can be deployed at the edge at remote branches or in mobile applications, and it now supports event replay and easy export of LPR category lists.

Crowd Monitoring

Identify abnormal crowd size based on history and alert when the crowd exceeds a user-defined maximum.

Scene Change

Identify and alert on changes to a continuously monitored location such as a fire, fallen tree, fence break, snow, new object, or object removed.

Still Object Search

Identify non-moving objects such as parked vehicles during forensic video search.

Detail Extraction

Leverage 4k or 8k cameras to extract greater detail from each scene for applications such as video data analytics, business intelligence, crowd analysis, and more.

New and Enhanced NVR/VMS integrations

​​​​​​​Added and upgraded integrations for Pelco, Cognyte Symphia, and Hanwha Wisenet Wave.

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