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Elephant Robotics Displayed a Massive Lineup of Robots at CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happens in Las Vegas every year in early January. As a massive annual event, many important technology makers and innovators will be invited to attend and show off their latest and most significant releases.

The first CES was held in June 1967 in New York City. It was a spinoff from the Chicago, which, until then, had served as the main event for exhibiting consumer electronics. CES is the most influential tech event in the world, and the world's biggest brands do business and meet new partners here, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage.

This year, Elephant Robotics joined the CES again and showcased a massive lineup of robots for the world. Established in Shenzhen and incubated by HAX accelerator, Elephant Robotics has been creating lightweight, open-source robotic products suitable for educational and professional use since 2016.

In the exhibition, the team showed many high-tech products to the world, including myCobot, mechArm, myAGV, myBuddy, robotic pet cats, metaCat and MarsCat, and the booth of Elephant Robotics was trendy.

The first robot series Elephant Robotics showed at CES 2023 is myCobot 280. As the star product from Elephant Robotics, myCobot 280 is an open-source robotic arm with a 250g payload. It is an ideal platform for learning ROS, V-rep, myBlockly, and Matlab. Many medical and educational enterprises in the exhibition highly appreciate this robotic project, and they believe myCobot is a preferred choice for their needs. Elephant Robotics also showed the AI Kit, which is the best tool for robot vision learning. It can work with multiple robotic arms to achieve different artificial intelligence recognition applications and finish the object grabbing with built-in algorithms. The built-in robot vision algorithm and programming environment of AI Kit has intrigued many educators, who feel that it is a great choice for students and individual makers who just beginning to learn about robotics.

To help individual makers and students get better learning in industrial robotics, in June 2022, Elephant Robotics released the mechArm, which is the most compact six-axis collaborative robot in the world. With the industrial appearance structure, mechArm supports learning imitation industrial knowledge. At CES 2023, many university professors majoring in robotics have been attracted by mechArm.

myBuddy is a dual-arm, 13-axis humanoid collaborative robot powered by Raspberry Pi, released in July 2022. As the most compact collaborative Dual-arm robot in the world with multiple functions, myBuddy has been attractive since its launch. Many users use it for robotic development and commercial use. Also, with the wireless control function of myBuddy, some laboratories use it to do complex experiments.

Robots are not only made for work and education but also for companionship. Elephant Robotics also brings companion robotic pets to the world: MarsCat and metaCat. MarsCat is the first bionic robotic cat in the world powered by AI, and it communicates with people through images. It can register the touch, respond to voice, recognize faces and play with toys. Each MarsCat is unique in its eyes, body, and personality, and its character will change according to how people handle it. With the built-in Raspberry Pi, MarsCat also supports programming and achieving secondary development. metaCat has high simulation fur and smooth and friendly skin as a lifelike companion robotic pet cat. With AI support, metaCat's head and tail can move realistically based on deep learning technology that mimics the interaction and actions of real cats. MarsCat and metaCat are the solutions for people who like cats but are allergic to wool.

As the event's hottest and most popular products, metaCat and MarsCat attracted the attention of many exhibitors. Many customers spent long hours interacting with the robotic cats at the booth. Media reporters from different countries also came to the booth to take pictures of the products and interview the Elephant Robotics team, including the Chinese CCTV. At the same time, many dealers placed large orders for the products on-site.

After CES 2023, more and more people know and highly commend Elephant Robotics. The team answered customers' questions about the robot and received much helpful advice. In the future, Elephant Robotics will keep concentrating on researching and developing robotics to bring better products, promote the robot industry's development, and showcase it to the world in the next show.


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