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Abhiman Engineering Partners with Xtend Robotics to Produce 8000 Service Robots for Medical Assistance

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Abhiman Engineering and Xtend Robotics signed an MOU for cooperation in the production of service robots worth KRW 100 billion
Expected to produce 8,000 service robots in 2 years starting production in 2023

Abhiman Engineering and Xtend Robotics will cooperate to produce 8,000 service robots for two years starting this year. According to this cooperation, Abiman Engineering will produce the hardware of the service robot for medical assistance developed by Xtend Robotics. The two companies, which signed an MOU for cooperation in the production of service robots worth about KRW 100 billion, plan to actively respond to the North American market, which has the world's largest demand for service robots for medical assistance.

Abiman Engineering, a comprehensive engineering company related to injection molding, signed an MOU with XTend Robotics, a Florida-based company specializing in service robots, for robot production.

According to this MOU, Abiman Engineering will produce the robot hardware for the M1 and T1 models of autonomous driving-based service robots developed by Xtend Robotics for medical assistance. The known contract size is about 100 billion won, and it is scheduled to produce 3,000 units this year and an additional 5,000 units in 2024. Xtend Robotics plans to focus on robot design and software development, and Abiman Engineering focuses on robot hardware development, continuing close cooperation.

Establishment of a service robot manufacturing base
Xtend Robotics is a service robot development company based in Florida, USA. It holds a patent for modular architecture for developing service robots.

Service robots perform various roles such as serving, medical assistance, quarantine, guidance, and telepresence in various areas, which require universal functions such as autonomous driving, face/voice recognition, vision, communication, and geofencing. do. To this end, general service robot manufacturers supply necessary parts, develop related algorithms, integrate each function into one system, and go through stabilization work such as debugging. However, Xtend Robotics has significantly reduced the time and cost required to develop service robots by configuring each function required for service robots in a modular architecture. It is possible to envision the role of a robot suitable for the situation to be applied and to implement the necessary functions in the form of assembling them like stacking Lego blocks.

The M1 and T1 models, which Abiman Engineering and Xtend Robotics are promoting for manufacturing cooperation, are robots that provide services such as nursing assistance and remote medical care through two-way communication in medical institutions such as nursing hospitals. Through this agreement, the two companies plan to establish a manufacturing base for service robots for medical assistance in Korea and cooperate to actively respond to demand in North America, the world's largest market in this field.

Meanwhile, Abhiman Engineering is a key affiliate of the Yudo Group (current Abhiman Group), which achieved sales of 67 billion won and exports of 14 million dollars last year. go to strengthen.

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