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Scotch Lake Dairy Farm Displays Robotic Milking System

Lely A3-Next Astronaut, an automated milking device, was displayed by the  Scotch Lake dairy farm at an open house. The system can enable dairy farmers to complete their tasks more effectively. It was installed by Richard and Carol Boonstoppel of a Scotch Lake dairy farm.

In addition, the device collects data regarding the weight of the cow, butterfat and protein contents in milk. It can also support the early diagnosis of mastitis, an infection developed in the teats of the cow. The infection can be treated only by antibiotics and till it gets cured milk production from the cow has to be stopped.

A3-Next Astronaut Robotic Milking System

Richard and Carol Boonstoppel have stated that shifting to automated milking system is expensive and traditional milking devices are still in use.

Cows of the dairy farm bear Lely rumination collar, enabling dairy staff to monitor the health conditions of cows and it also supports feeding management.

Richard Boonstoppel has mentioned that the robotic system is highly effective and adaptive. He added that the device has eliminated the requirement of milking two or three times a day and throughout the year. He added that they are willing to display the system as well as their improvements to their contemporaries.

According to Michael Olscamp, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries Minister, Scotch Lake province encourages new inventions in the agriculture segment. He mentioned that they are focused on helping farmers to accomplish greater prosperity and endurance through invention and competitiveness. He encouraged farmers to experience the robotic milking system at the open house.

Olscamp mentioned that the new system can draw new participants to the farming segment and also support existing farmers to successfully carry on farming business. Following the robotic system’s installation at the Scotch Lake dairy farm, two other New Brunswick dairy farms have also included the same device.



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