Intermap Chosen by the U.S. Army to Demonstrate Newest Advances in AI/ML/NLP Processing

Intermap Technologies IMPITMSF ("Intermap" or the "Company"), a global leader in 3D geospatial products and intelligence solutions, today announced it was selected by the U.S. Department of Defense for the next stage of a competitive process to demonstrate advanced technology for Geospatial Temporal Incident Data. After Intermap's previous proposal was vetted and evaluated, the Company was invited to present its newest artificial intelligence processing technology and demonstrate how it can support the U.S. government with actionable, geo-precise data for situational awareness and planning processes.

Geospatial Temporal Incident Data includes human-caused events (crime, population disturbances, riots and protests, and cybersecurity developments) and natural hazard events. Intermap will present its capabilities and provide a demonstration of its advanced technology for the Department of Defense at the Thunderstorm 23-1 event in April 2023.

Intermap's digital tool integrates AI algorithms, machine learning, natural language processing, proprietary, global-scale, multi-sensor-derived terrain, object and feature catalogs, and open-source global data to identify, track, display and notify interested parties of current world events, threats and natural catastrophes. Its technology uses AI/ML/NLP processing to analyze and precisely geolocate the threat level, categorize each incident, calculate its footprint and mark it on a map to provide actionable visualization for potential threats in an area of interest. The resulting information enhances situational awareness and supports planning processes through fusing, analyzing and visualizing events and trends to provide the U.S. Army with an improved common operation picture (COP).

"We are excited about being selected by the U.S. Army following a competitive assessment to demonstrate our newest advances in AI/ML/NLP processing and look forward to demonstrating our applied solutions at Thunderstorm," said Patrick A. Blott, Intermap Chairman and CEO. "Leveraging the world's largest commercial elevation data archive for training, our proprietary technology identifies current and past events of interest to visualize human-caused and natural hazard trends integrated with a high-resolution base map to anticipate potential and imminent issues in areas of interest."


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