Integem Teams Up with NVIDIA to Bring 3D Holographic AR, AI, and Robotics Education to K-12 Students

Integem, a leading provider of Holographic AR technology and education, has teamed up with NVIDIA AI Education to bring a Groundbreaking 3D Holographic AR, AI, and Robotics education experience to K-12 students. In the midst of the AI revolution that is reshaping the world, it is more important than ever for young students to learn about the integration of AI, Robotics and AR.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, including Integem CEO Dr. Eliza Du, an AI expert with over 100 publications and 30 patents in the field, and former Purdue University Professor and Ph.D. advisor in AI, students will learn how AI can monitor the world, detect special events, and automatically notify users in the Holographic AR environment. They will then learn how robots can be deployed to solve problems and make a difference in the real world. In addition to learning the basics of AI and Robotics, students will also be introduced to cloud computing and AI Edge computing, including how to train AI models in the cloud and deploy them on edge devices.

The camp will also teach students the basics of 3D design and animation, and how to use Holographic AR to bring their designs to life. They will also learn the Design Thinking process, interactive storytelling skills, and problem-solving skills, all based on the Stanford University Design School curriculum.

For example, students will learn to how to design such an AI prototype system that intelligently monitors the world, detecting special events and automatically notifying you in a Holographic AR world. With robots working remotely in the real-life to solve problems, battle villains, or save lives, you can control the action from the comfort of your own home. Teleport into the remote world with Holographic AR and experience the thrill of the future, today.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Nvidia to bring an Innovative 3D Holographic AR, AI, and Robotics education experience to K-12 students," said the CEO of Integem, Dr. Eliza Du. "As an AI expert, I am passionate about educating the next generation of technology leaders. By integrating AI, Robotics, and AR, students will not only learn about these technologies in a fun and engaging way, but they will also see how they can be used to solve real-world problems. This program is a vital step in preparing our young students for the future."

The summer program for children aged 5-18 will offer courses in Holographic AR coding, AI, robotics, digital art, 2D/3D game design, 3D modeling, 2D/3D animation, and more. This year, Camp Integem is expanding to San Francisco, Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and Irvine, providing more children with the chance to explore technology and creativity.

Since 2018, Integem has invested in the education of K-12 students globally, with over 20,000 students participating in its courses. With support from 200 local schools, Camp Integem not only teaches STEM, but also nurtures interactive storytelling, empathy, and leadership skills. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child a head start in technology and creativity. Register for Camp Integem 2023 now at:


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