DogBase Introduces Disruptive AI Technology to Protect People from Domestic Abuse

DogBase is proud to announce the introduction of Teva Hakelev to its AI platform for improving working dog performance. Teva Hakelev (a name meaning 'the nature of a dog' in Hebrew) is a dog training company that prepares dogs to defend women from partners who are no longer living with them, but still harass them on a regular basis.

By leveraging the dog's natural inclination towards bonding with and protecting humans and its dislike of aggressive behavior, Teva Hakelev intends to provide abused women with a fierce and determined protection dog which will, on command, repel anyone within two meters of the human it is defending by means of forceful blows to the torso with a sturdy metal muzzle.

Teva Hakelev's initiative is led by former IDF special forces canine trainer Adi Hazut and therapy dog expert Liran Ben-Tzvi, as well as a staff of trainers with a combined tenure of several decades in the field. The program is endorsed by Israel's Ministry of National Security as a solution for those with a violent domestic partner.

DogBase is determined to help save lives by making these dogs' training as fast and effective as possible. The platform is built with the goal of ensuring that practices are driven by quantifiable data. We use the growing power of AI to set empirical goals for dogs and handlers and analyze training reports to focus on what may be holding back a canine team. These goals can be anything from complex specialization exercises to the dog's overall health and happiness. By tracking a dog's status and performance over time, DogBase allows its users to understand the precise factors that will keep a dog in peak condition.

With objective and verifiable reports and analyses of what causes a dog's setbacks or pushes them to excel, trainers can avoid the excess time and effort that may otherwise be spent in 'training blind' - relying on a handler's personal experience and confidence - in evaluating a problem. DogBase will help users understand what factors are causing failure and create a data-driven plan to arrive at the optimal solution for any challenge a dog faces while fully complying with industry standards of accountability, traceability, and compliance.

DogBase believes in the power of technology to elevate working dog performance and is continually working to deliver its users the leading edge of the artificial intelligence field. This AI will help keep working dogs happy and healthy and ensure that canine teams are getting more out of their training than ever before.

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