Barcodes Group Launches New Autonomous Mobile Robotics Portfolio

Barcodes Group has launched its new Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) portfolio, providing businesses with intelligent automation that is easy to implement and delivers rapid ROI. The enhanced platform is designed to cater to a wide range of applications, from Warehousing-Fulfillment to Manufacturing, allowing for improved accuracy and speed without significant cost or infrastructure changes.

The Barcodes Group Platform addresses the growing demand for supply chain efficiency and the need to keep labor costs low, as qualified workers become increasingly hard to find. The portfolio offers a 12-robot hardware fleet, quick-to-deploy integration software, interoperability fleet-management software, and end-to-end deployment services. Businesses can hire robots for as low as $2 per hour with Barcodes Group's Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) model.

The solution is expected to deliver a broad range of benefits to customers, including:

  • 20+ material handling workflows with a 12-robot AMR fleet
  • Deployment of robots in hours with integration software that connects Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to AMRs
  • Savings from day one with monthly Robot-as-a-Service
  • Easy adoption and scalability of workflows with cloud-based software
  • Increased productivity by eliminating non-value-added material movements.

"Our wide-ranging AMR applications and ability to integrate with almost any WMS, Voice, and IoT is industry-leading. With costs as low as $2 per hour and day one savings, the adoption of modern technology like robotics is easier than ever," says Manthan Pawar, Barcodes Group Product Manager - Robotics.

"Our new robotics platform will ease the labor shortage pain our customers face today. It will bring better throughput and speed with higher scalability, so businesses can focus on their growth," says Barcodes Group, Daniel Nettesheim, President & CEO.

The Barcodes Group AMR fleet will be showcased at ProMat, on March 20-23rd.


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