Clinc’s AI-Driven Chatbot Serves Over 5 Million Unique Banking Customers

Clinc today announced that over 5 million unique banking customers are utilizing their AI-driven chatbot, reaching a significant milestone for the Conversational AI Industry. As the only Virtual Assistant that is focused on voice-first technology, Clinc AI is already integrated with many core and online banking platforms as well as many of the largest phone system providers, including Genesys and Amazon Connect, allowing fast, seamless deployment.

​​​​​​​"Clinc is humbled to be able to serve tens of thousands of our customers customers every day and millions every month. Clinc's patented technology delivers the highest containment rates in the industry which provide value to the customers of the banks and credits unions who have honored us with their business and a great user experience to their customers. There are now more customers of banks and credit unions using our Virtual Assistants than another other Conversational AI provider, which is pretty exciting. We are thrilled that our usage more than doubled last year and continues to double in the early months of 2023. This allows Clinc's algorithms to learn at a pace to sustain our technical lead in this space in a virtuous cycle that benefits our customers, their customers and Clinc" continues Newhard.

Clinc has perfected and promoted a Voice-First strategy based on its patented technology, recognizing the rapid ascension of consumers desiring to interact through voice versus a manually inputted text dialogue. This provides an experience similar to working with a credit union or bank's best customer service agent, all available on a 24x7 basis and all without hold times. "ChatGPT has suddenly become the hot topic, yet Clinc's Voice-First approach has been in market for years. The difference is our clients have total control over the answers" continues Newhard.

Clinc offers an authenticated and integrated AI-driven IVR assistants providing self-service banking across a multitude of functions as simple as requesting password reset to transferring funds and applying for loans. Clinc's AI technology uses natural language processing to uniquely understand how users talk and can understand both slang and context. The conversation is controlled by the end user versus the phone system forcing them into an endless loop of rigid, limited options, resulting in a positive user experience. Clinc has been deployed in multiple languages to institutions of all sizes, including English, Spanish, Turkish and Kanji/Japanese.

The ultimate measure of success and the mantra for Clinc is the end user experience; how do banks and credit unions augment their customer experience - not take away from the personal touch. Clinc's solutions have proven to be warmly embraced. "Between 86 and 94% of our users never have to speak with a live agent or branch staff, which is a unique testament to the quality of the interaction. Those aren't fluffy marketing numbers - that's based on millions and millions of interactions. While some Conversational AI providers measure success on their number of clients, we measure success on our client's customers - how many are using the assistant, is it delivering a delightful experience, and do they continue to use it? " said Kyle Hellsten, who worked on Digital Banking initiatives at USAA for over a decade and is current VP of Product at Clinc.


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