New VanceAI Art Generator Released for Generating Text-to-Image Artworks

Recently, VanceAI has released an AI text-to-image generator powered by Stable Diffusion - VanceAI Art Generator. The Art Generator is able to understand text and then create corresponding artworks. By combining Image Type, Image Style, Artist Style, Reference Image, and Adjustable Size, anyone interested in AI drawing can turn what they think into reality.

As a member of the art generation tools, VanceAI Art Generator relies on Stable Diffusion. It is one of the most widely used and newest models of text-to-image released in 2022. It can transform text descriptions as we call text prompts into inpainting, outpainting, or generating image-to-image translations. Also, the function of deep learning enables it to achieve a deep understanding of text descriptions through extensive training, so that the quality of the painting gradually conforms to the text descriptions. This is also what VanceAI Art Generator is doing to make text-to-image come true.

Generate Text-to-Image Artworks with Features of VanceAI Art Generator

Based on Stable Diffusion, VanceAI Art Generator is able to combine different features, hence better turning what thoughts into reality.

Image Type

VanceAI Art Generator now offers 15 image types in its Workspace. They are as follows: trending on artstation, oil painting, matte painting, oil on canvas, abstract drawing, ink drawing, murals, sketch, pencil drawing, woodblock print, child's drawing, graffiti, watercolor painting, fresco, and stone tablet.

Image Style

The AI Art Generator is also equipped with 25 image styles. They are, in detail, concept art, sharp focus, unreal engine, stage light, cyberpunk, symmetry, photo style, fantasy, science fiction, fog effect, movie lighting, smooth, octane render, volume light, illustration, abstract, Chinese painting, ukiyo-e, Impressionism, Ghibli style, Steampunk, super clear, highly detailed, and personification.

In reality, the combination of image types and styles contributes to the video game industry, particularly AAA games, which usually have a higher demand for image quality. Choosing an abstract drawing, combined with cyberpunk, perhaps generates lifelike game characters.

Artist Styles

The Art Generator even generates artworks featuring recognized artist styles. About 16 eminent artists are offered, such as Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet, Da Vinci, Albert Bierstadt, Luca Giordano, Edward Lear, Thomas Rowlandson, David Munch, William Turner, Dali, Picasso, Paul Rubens, Thomas Cole, and Johfra Bosschart. If there is no artist you like the most, it also supports adding it independently. Not only the artist's style but also the image types and the image styles of the painting are supported to add new characteristics. You can add as many features as you want. There are not any number limits.

The artist styles are particularly helpful in interior decor. Applying the styles of renowned artists like Van Gogh or Da Vinci to a room largely improves its artistic level.

Reference Images

Uploading a reference image is an optional choice. This function is just to accurately tell the AI tool what you want, likely generating a result infinitely more relative to the reference one. It is definitely a user-friendly tool. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional AI artist, a reference image fully shows your thoughts and the Art Generator turns those into reality.

Unique Adjustable Size

It allows users to adjust the output image size from 512 to 2k. Such a thoughtful design allows users to perfectly preserve the paintings they create without having to worry about resizing again to conform to some social platform requirements. As such, any AI artist can share their artworks with different sizes on platforms or exchange ideas with other artists in an AI art community.

After completing all the above actions, it will render the painting containing these elements in seconds. The preview does not incur any cost, so no one has to pay for dissatisfaction. Only after a download will the credits be deducted.

Other Popular Text-to-Image Models

Similar to Stable Diffusion, DALL-E and Midjourney are 2 other popular modes of text-to-image technology. DALL-E is an AI text-generated image technology that can be trained to generate a corresponding AI painting from a textual description. Midjourney mainly focuses on generating images based on natural language prompts provided to it. Compared to the other 2 models, the application and training of Stable Diffusion may not be enough. This may cause some dissatisfaction with the previews of a few users on the technical layer. But VanceAI, a technical service provider, remains committed to overcoming difficulties and offering time-saving solutions for users.

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