HARPA AI for Chrome Promises to Change the Way People Search for Information Online

The Swiss Army Knife of Google Chrome extensions, HARPA AI is powered by a hybrid AI engine which combines web automation and ChatGPT to offer a customizable alternative to Bing AI for Chrome users.

The recent advancements in generative AI spawned a new breed of personal productivity tools. HARPA AI is one of them, and promises to change the way people work and search for information online.

HARPA is a Chrome Extension and an all-in-one productivity tool that integrates generative AI into web browser, fusing ChatGPT with web automation. During the COVID lockdown, the team behind the plugin noticed a need for an easy to use solution to automating repetitive online tasks: web monitoring, data extraction, form filling. After the ChatGPT was released, they decided to pivot and integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT capabilities into Google Chrome.

They ended up building what resembles a Microsoft Bing AI search assistant, but integrates into Google Chrome web browser rather than Microsoft Edge.

Comparing Bing AI With HARPA AI

HARPA AI and Bing AI have similar core features: AI-powered web search, page aware chat, text writer and web page summarization engine. However, Bing AI for Edge is tailored to providing advanced search engine experience, while HARPA AI exceeds the capabilities of a typical web AI chatbot extension or search assistant by leaning on customization and automation.

With over 100 page-aware prompts and dialogs, HARPA AI caters to various web browsing needs, such as:

  • Writing Facebook posts,
  • Replying to Instagram direct messages,
  • Summarizing YouTube videos to key takeaways,
  • Improving LinkedIn profiles, and more.

This Chromium based browser extension provides users with an all-in-one workspace to streamline their work and save time.

Unique HARPA AI Capabilities

  • Answering Google Search queries alongside search results with ChatGPT.
  • Enabling what the team calls "page aware AI" chat on any website.
  • Data monitoring on websites, from price tracking to out of stock alerts and detecting changes on competitor websites.
  • Creating and reusing custom ChatGPT prompts and commands.
  • Writing text content in a wide range of styles and formats, from business email to SWOT analysis and KISS articles.

What sets HARPA AI apart from other AI products like Bing AI for Edge is its emphasis on automation and personalization. With HARPA AI web chatgpt extension, one can get automatic notifications for price drops and back-in-stock alerts. It is possible to API-fy websites by triggering Make.com scenarios from HARPA AI web monitors. These features help save time and streamline your work, allowing you to concentrate on what's important.

HARPA AI is quickly becoming a popular alternative to Bing AI for Chrome users, growing to 30,000 users in a single month.

Privacy Centered Design

HARPA AI runs automations and keeps web data locally in the client's browser. This way users can be confident that their information is safe and secure.

The HARPA AI team is working to make their product the ultimate all-in-one tool for web automation. Their vision is to have it perform a wide range of tasks: from answering Google Search queries to crawling websites and extracting data to GoogleSheet.

For more information about HARPA AI, you can refer to the step-by-step guides available on their website: https://harpa.ai/guides

Source: https://harpa.ai/

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