Xiao-I Partners with Chinadatapay to Fortify as a Leader in the Global Cognitive Intelligence Market

Xiao-I Corporation (“Xiao-I” or the “Company”), a leading cognitive artificial intelligence (“AI”) enterprise in China, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Guizhou Chinadatapay Network Technology Co., Ltd. ("Chinadatapay") to fuel Xiao-I's growth as a global leader in cognitive intelligence by combining Xiao-I’s cognitive intelligence capabilities and Chinadatapay’s big data expertise.

Data, algorithms, and computing power are the three core elements in the development of AI. The AI industry is rapidly expanding its applications, creating a growing demand for large amounts of data in various vertical domains. Data serves as the foundation for AI algorithms, much like building blocks are essential for constructing a sturdy structure. Big data and AI algorithms work hand in hand to create a robust ecosystem of AI-powered solutions that empower and transform numerous industries.

This partnership aims for Xiao-I and Chinadatapay to demonstrate the power of integrating massive data sets with state-of-the-art algorithms and accelerate the advancement of industry-specific, big data-based large-scale models through intelligent data analysis, model training, and application development enabled by Xiao-I’s cognitive intelligence technology and Chinadatapay’s extensive data resources.

Chinadatapay, a leader in China’s domestic data industry, provides consistently innovative data security solutions and has connected data from across over 50 industries and enterprises with nearly 300 successful deployments. With the support of Chinadatapay's big data capabilities, Xiao-I aims to further expand its technology leadership and broaden its market applications.

Mr. Hui Yuan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xiao-I, commented, "We are thrilled about our partnership with Chinadatapay. As we have already established a strong track record in implementing AI-powered solutions across multiple sectors including finance, government, healthcare, education, and transportation, we now look ahead to having this partnership empower us in driving digital transformation across numerous industries and fortifying our position as a leader in the global cognitive intelligence market by leveraging cognitive intelligence technology and big data.”

Source: https://www.xiaoi.com/

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