Sanctify Releases Open Version of Professional ESG Tool for Sustainable Investing

For the past 2 years, we at Sanctify have been on a mission to help professional investors to invest more sustainably. To do this we created an advanced AI system, capable of reading through, analyzing, and visualizing tens of thousands of news articles to help the user understand what companies to invest in to follow your sustainability ambitions.

As sustainability is such a pressing issue, and since it affects everybody, we have decided that the data needed to make responsible decisions should not be exclusive to professional investors. We have therefore chosen to release an open version of our professional ESG tool. It is free of charge and for anybody to use.

We hope that access to our data will help you on your path to make best the possible decisions, and empower people on a large scale to find what companies that are actually sustainable and in line with their values.

Go to to start leveraging the power of our AI, sign up is easy and free of charge.


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