DiagnaMed Unveils New Generative AI Data Collection and Analysis Solution for the Healthcare Market

DiagnaMed Holdings Corp. (“DiagnaMed” or the “Company”), a generative AI healthcare solutions company, is pleased to announce the launch of FormGPT.io, a generative AI data collection and analysis solution for the healthcare market.

FormGPT.io (www.FormGPT.io) is the first commercial product by the Company as part of its initiative to launch a suite of generative AI ready-made and customizable applications powered by GPT-4 to support real-world situations in improving patient outcomes, operational workflow and efficiency. FormGPT.ai was born from the Company’s development experience and features of its proprietary generative AI brain health platform, CERVAI™, targeting licensed medical professionals, hospitals, and life science companies.

FormGPT.io allows healthcare providers to create customized forms and surveys with the support of ChatGPT and collect relevant patient data, obtain pre-and-post-visit and treatment feedback, monitor patient progress, and analyze results for decision-making. FormGPT.io empowers licensed professionals and clinical researchers to easily and quickly develop forms and surveys that complement their workflow and specific patient and research objectives. In addition, FormGPT.io aims to improve user services, workflow, patient outcomes and engagement. The Company is making its minimal viable product version of FormGPT.io available to the public with a 7-day free trial.

According to Market.us, generative AI in the healthcare market is set to reach approximately USD 17 billion by 2032, driven by the adoption of automation by healthcare operators in drug discovery and development, medical imaging and diagnostics, personalized medical interventions, and hospitals and clinical decision support systems.

Fabio Chianelli, Chairman of DiagnaMed, commented: "We are excited to launch our first generative AI-powered SaaS product, FormGPT.io, to serve the needs of the healthcare sector. With the recent advances in generative AI following the release of ChatGPT and GPT-4, and our experience with applying AI for brain health, we see a significant opportunity to launch niche AI healthcare solutions that leverage our core competencies and complement CERVAI™, our generative AI brain health platform.”

Source: http://www.diagnamed.com

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