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SuperDroid Robots Introduces Autonomous Reality Capture Robot for Construction Sites and Facility Management

SuperDroid Robots released an affordable autonomous 360-degree reality capture robot. Construction companies can use the Groundhog to automatically monitor progress to improve schedules and reduce rework. Facility managers and building engineers can also utilize this robot to automatically create virtual versions of their buildings and compare changes made to the environment over time.

"Reality capture software can provide a tremendous amount of valuable insights, but it is dependent on someone capturing that data consistently and that can be a painstaking, dull process," says Steven Uecke, CEO at SuperDroid Robots.

"We automated that data capture process by using our expertise building large, autonomous material handling robots and put it into an affordable, compact chassis."

Benefits of an autonomous reality capture robot:

  • Done Automatically - the robot can traverse a construction jobsite or facility itself without an operator, going to designated waypoints and navigating around obstacles.
  • Schedule Anytime - schedule this robot to scan the area during downtime to alleviate any concerns of privacy or workers bumping into the robot.
  • Integrates with Software - easily import the 360° images into most reality capture applications companies already use.
  • The Groundhog Autonomous Reality Capture Robot is built to order starting in May 2023 and costs just $17,000, far lower than other solutions on the market that cost over $90,000.

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