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Unmanned Air Vehicles Incorporate Kestrel Vision System

Sentient, a provider of computer vision technology solutions, has partnered with Insitu Pacific for incorporating Kestrel, Insitu’s vision system into the EO/IR sensors of Insitu’s ScanEagle UAS, which provides effective aerial surveillance assistance for the Australian military forces employed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr Paul Boxer, MD of Sentient has stated that Kestrel enables both Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and Remote Video Terminal (RVT) to examine the live images provided by ScanEagle that does not require any change in the ground control station hardware or support equipment. He added that it also provides automatic detection and tracing of possible menace, thereby helping the Australian troops. In addition to these benefits, this vision system offers reliable and up-to-date information to the mission commanders.

Kestrel automatically monitors the target objects moving below the ScanEagle UAS, examines the imagery of the ScanEagle and if necessary it can warn the operator to launch the missile targeting objects like military vehicles. This real-time computer vision system can be utilized for monitoring operations in rough terrains and can find out those objects which the human eyes fail to notice.

Dr. Boxer mentioned that they had worked in close association with Australian Defense and Insitu Pacific for including the vision system in the UAS. He ensured that their enduring support to the Australian forces in Afghanistan will be continued.


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