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GeckoImager, Mobile Robot Solutions Enables Development of New AscBots

GeckoSystems, a leading mobile robotics company, has announced that their new GeckoImager when used along with their Mobile Robot Solutions for service, security and safety would help to develop their assistant sales clerk mobile robots or AscBots.

These AscBots observe shoppers inside retail environment and enhance the shopper’s experience in such a way that the retailer would be in a position  far better and different from competitors. This kind of strategic positioning was essential to help them to enhance their gross sales and at the same time cut the overall operational expenses, thereby leading to increased net profits. The AscBot’s intelligent and mobile video surveillance operations would also radically decrease shrinkage caused by external and internal theft and thus they would play an important role by informing and observing the happenings in the store while enhancing sales with product promotions and in-store assistance.

Product promotion would either be visual, verbal or printed similar to an automated kiosk with automatic printing of coupons for customers for new products, closeouts and existing product specials The AscBot would utilize its onboard printer and print product sales brochures with benefits and legally required notifications in large print versions. It would also act as an automated anti-shopping observation unit for a designated product minimizing blind spots with multiple or single video surveillance. Each AscBot would have one or more mobile video cameras, which could reposition depending on the changing seasonal displays of the products. Its environment sensory system along with distance proximity calculates a preset distance to r shoppers to maintain for each designated area. Its GeckoSavant AI software when combined with off board facial recognition software would help to recognize former shoplifting suspects and then the AscBot automatically notifies management of the same. It could text specifically designated store employees and provides them cell phone or verbal alerts with its GeckoChat features.

Its GeckoNav Savant features with safety features permits the AscBot to identify the customers and also approach them. Its Patrol function helps the Bot to move between multiple aisles or up and down the aisle or even be stationary when no customers are found. The GeckoMotorDriver, the GeckoImager and the Gecko Trak would help the AscBot to navigate the aisles and also send sensory data for navigation and track the customers. It could approach customers who need help or have been loitering around suspiciously for too long. The GeckoChat helps the AscBot to interact with customers and pose questions about the store, the products and sales and even help them if they need assistance from a store clerk.According to Kevin O’Connor, GeckoSystems’ Sr. EE Roboticist, the AscBot would be of great benefit to both the consumer and the retailer.


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