Partners With CAPdouleur to Transform Pet Pain Management Using Visual AI Technology today announced a long-term partnership with France-based CAPdouleur, under which will deliver vital visual pain recognition technology to enhance CAPdouleur's pet health app, which aids pet parents in identifying, measuring, and managing their pet's acute and chronic pain.

​​​​​​​Driven by real-time animal health data, robust veterinary insights, digitally-powered assessment grids, and now visual artificial intelligence, the CAPdouleur app provides pet parents and veterinarians with an unparalleled capability to quickly detect pet pain and take immediate action. Precise, accurate data allows for a tailored approach to pet care, reducing the number of animals lacking proper veterinary services and providing the insights needed for caregivers to optimize their pet's well-being.

"We are thrilled to support CAPdouleur in advancing pet care and empowering parents," said Susan Groeneveld, CEO at "CAPdouleur is singularly focused on pet pain and its management through the power of science and technology. Similarly,'s Tably application demonstrates that veterinary success, parent empowerment, and elevating the pet's voice in care go hand-in-hand. This is a dramatic first for the pet health market, and we are proud to partner with CAPdouleur in this effort." designs advanced healthcare solutions for the global pet tech community, fueled by visual artificial intelligence, aimed at improving animal health outcomes across species.

CAPdouleur is a passionate team of experienced veterinarians, specialized veterinary assistants, and domain experts, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives to revolutionize the field of animal pain management.

"Partnering with allows us to dramatically accelerate progress toward addressing a notable gap that we see in veterinary medicine by offering bespoke solutions for alleviating animal pain," said Arnaud Darnis, DVM and Director of Operations at CAPdouleur. "Technology and innovation play critical roles in satisfying this need as well as ensuring the long-term wellbeing of our pets. is a key strategic partner in helping us unlock the power of visual AI in pet health management."

This partnership will also provide additional context to train's additional visual artificial intelligence models.

According to Groeneveld, the partnership with CAPdouleur aligns with's mission and core competencies.

"We strive to lead the global market for in-time insights that help accurately assess pet wellness, giving every animal a voice in their well being," Groeneveld said. "CAPdouleur is the perfect partner in this effort." and CAPdouleur share a common mission of propelling pet healthcare forward with innovative technologies. Through their collaborative efforts, they aim to spearhead transformative shifts in the industry and equip pet parents with the necessary insights to make well-informed choices for their beloved pets' health and welfare.

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