Han’s Robot to Help Revolutionize Auto Parts Production

The so-called Han’s Robot is a global leader in intelligent robots and has combined its Elfin collaborative robots into automation for the production of auto parts.

Han’s Robot Boosts Automation in Automotive Components Production, Increasing Efficiency by Over 50%.

Han’s Robot Boosts Automation in Automotive Components Production, Increasing Efficiency by Over 50%. Image Credit: Shenzhen Han's Robot Co., Ltd.

The goal of Han’s Robot is to enhance precision, efficiency, and productivity in the manufacturing process by integrating sophisticated robotic technologies.

As far as the automotive industry is concerned, the safety level of waterproof connectors is normally needed to reach IP68, as it is necessary for trustworthy connections and signal transmission in vehicles. Every waterproof connector must pass air tightness testing at the time of production to guarantee it fulfills all the standards.

Conventionally, manual inspection methods have been tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. But by employing the collaborative robots of Han’s Elfin to finish air tightness testing, the production line could be upgraded automatically, thereby enhancing the efficiency of inspections and other operations while production efficiency is improved.

It is possible for Han’s Elfin collaborative robot to easily detect the air-tightness of around 2,000 automotive waterproof connectors day-to-day via human-machine collaboration. Furthermore, the robot could make use of laser equipment to concurrently execute operations like 3D visual scanning inspection and QR code marking on the workpiece, thereby finishing the complete process in just 30 seconds.

Primarily, the detection accuracy of such robots exceeds manual inspection, completely fulfilling the production needs of enterprises.

Han’s Robot has considerable benefits in assisting enterprises with automated production. Initially, the Elfin collaborative robots consist of a high repeat positioning precision of up to ±0.02 mm. This allows accurate operations like gripping, inspecting, placing, laser marking, and more to guarantee persistent finished products.

Secondly, the easy-to-use graphical programming operation greatly eases the use of Elfin collaborative robots, thereby enabling even non-specialized workers to obtain basic operation skills rapidly.

On the whole, Han’s Elfin collaborative robots provide accurate and effective automation solutions, thereby improving efficiency in the automotive industry to guarantee stable product quality.

In automobile manufacturing and related industries, Han’s Robot has been extensively employed in several applications like polishing, automotive painting, screw locking for engines or other components, glue application for car lights, material handling, and automatic rust removal for tire molds, assembly, and marking.

Moreover, Han’s Robot’s rich experience in automation and flexible production has allowed the company to improve operations throughout various fields, solidifying its position as a reliable industry leader.

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