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Robotic Lawn Mowers: The Future of Lawn Care

In a significant development for New Zealand's Lawn care maintenance,  Robot Lawn Mower has officially launched in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a big milestone for the company and is a part of its plan to continuously expand its services and bring robotic mowers to more customers. Robot Lawn Mower sells high-quality mowers that are best suited for the unique conditions of New Zealand lawns. The team carefully selects the finest robotic mowers to ensure that they exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional performance.

Customer satisfaction is Robot Lawn Mower's priority. The company is committed to providing high-quality and durable lawn mowers that are long-lasting and provide more comfort and convenience to the lives of customers across New Zealand.

Robot Lawn Mowers are an excellent option for all kinds of people, including elderly people who struggle with manual labour. This innovative technology is state-of-the-art and excellent for lawn maintenance. Customers can schedule the automatic lawn mowers to maintain their lawns so that they can wake up with freshly mowed lawns without having to put in any effort. These mowers provide consistently superior results and exceed customer expectations. The batteries can be recharged autonomously and the mowers navigate back to the charging station as soon as the battery starts to run low.

This makes it easier for people to have these in their homes because they don't have to do much because the robot takes care of itself. There is no need to manually charge the battery since all the mowing can be scheduled and the robot remains in its docking station until its next scheduled mowing session. This innovative technology makes the lives of customers incredibly easy and convenient.

Robot Lawn Mower features include:

  1. Floating blade disc- For better obstacle avoidance
  2. Power Share battery - Compatible with all Worx 20 V, 40 V and 80 V power tools
  3. App controlled (control the mower from anywhere)
  4. Very quiet
  5. Handles inclines of 35% (20-degree slope)
  6. Cut-to-edge feature
  7. Rain sensor
  8. Low inertia, auto-retracting blades, and sensors
  9. Mulching system
  10. Additional accessories so you can upgrade the robotic mower's capabilities at any time

The robot mower comes with excellent features and an easy installation process. Customers can install the lawnmower on their own as all they need is to lay the boundary wire that the mower uses to navigate. This boundary wire can be installed to lay flat on the lawn surface or it can be trenched 5 cm below the surface. The installation process is simple and straightforward and so is the maintenance of the robotic lawnmower. This mower consumes very little power, about two to three dollars of power per month.

It does not consume too much electricity, and it significantly reduces the energy costs of customers because it consumes less energy than petrol-powered mowers. Since the mower cuts the grass often there is less required effort to maintain the lawn. Another great feature is that customers don't have to dispose of lawn clippings themselves because the clippings are small enough to act as natural fertilizers using the mulching effect which is an added feature to this mower.

The mowers are designed to tackle complex terrain, including hills, and they can also operate at a slope of 35%. The navigation system is autonomous and designed for the robots to avoid obstacles covering the lawn. The robotic mowers are not as expensive as people may expect, and the price defers according to the specific features that a customer desires.

A robotic lawnmower is a great investment because it is eco-friendly, user-friendly and it works well. It has rain sensors that signal the robot mower to return back to base, so it won't tear up your lawn by continuing to operate.  The robot lawn mower is safe, autonomous, and efficient. In addition to this, it is also very quiet and operates at a decibel of less than 70 dB.


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