Robots Video Inside of Fukushima Reactors

At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan robots are being used to measure the radiation levels. The nuclear power plant that was damaged in the recent earthquake has been coping with maintaining oxygen and temperature levels in the reactor. The presence of radiation leaks has made it a hostile environment for humans.

This is where robots form the iRobot Corporation are coming in handy. The Tokyo Electric Power Company that runs the nuclear power plant said that they are using the PackBots made by the US robotics company to help with the maintaining of the reactor and managing the crisis at the plant.

Four PackBots have been pressed in to service at the nuclear power plant of which two are equipped to lift and haul heavy payloads and one is equipped with a hazardous materials package to measure radiation, oxygen and temperature levels. This can sense gamma radiation, organic compounds and chemicals

The PackBots weight 10.9 kgs and have a three link arm that can clear debris and reposition harmful material. They move on tracked wheels and can climb stairs as well. The top speed of the robots is 9.3 km/h and they can move with ease in narrow and thin passageways besides climbing over rubble.


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