Squirro Hosts Webinar on How Generative AI is Redefining Service Management

Squirro, the generative AI-enabled semantic enterprise search, and insight cloud, hosts a webinar focused on cutting-edge generative AI to redefine service management.

This groundbreaking technology promises to reshape customer interactions, elevate operational efficiency, and boost overall customer satisfaction, with a remarkable over 30% reduction in the mean time to resolution (MTTR).

In the webinar "Generative AI for Service Management" on Wednesday, August 23, Squirro CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Dorian Selz, and Senior Enterprise Account Executive Conor Leddy, will share insights into harnessing generative AI for service management.

Registration page: https://info.squirro.com/sm_webinar.

Webinar Details:
US/EMEA Session:
Date: Wednesday, August 23
Time: 10:00 am EST / 16:00 CET

APAC/EMEA Session:
Date: Wednesday, August 23
Time: 16:00 SGT / 10:00 CET

Next-Generation Self-Service Chat

Existing self-service chatbots often fail to grasp complex queries and context, leading to insufficient information retrieval for users. In addition, pre-programmed responses often result in frustrating interactions, undermining the user experience and increasing the number of service desk calls and support tickets.

Squirro introduces SquirroGPT, an advanced generative AI application that interprets questions naturally and delivers context-inclusive responses. By seamlessly integrating website content and additional support documents, SquirroGPT ensures seamless access to information for prospects and existing customers.

The Enterprise-Ready Generative AI Assistant for Customer Support

Meeting response and resolution time targets can be challenging due to the sheer volume of calls and tickets, compounded by inefficient access to critical information resources.

SquirroGPT empowers service management employees with real-time access to all relevant data sources without time-consuming searches through an intuitive natural language chat interface and provides evidence-based relevant answers. The solution comes with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and entitlement handling.

Automated Case Classification

The manual classification of a significant number of customer requests results in delayed responses and leaves clients feeling frustrated. The absence of automation adds to the burden on support teams and generates avoidable costs.

Squirro's automated case classification with an exceptional accuracy rate exceeding 90% (patent pending) reduces the mean time to resolution by more than 30%.

Source: https://squirro.com/

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