Djuno Launches New AI-Powered Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform Sowa 2.0

Today Djuno launched release 2.0 of Sowa, its AI-powered cloud infrastructure management platform.

Sowa automatically gathers data from monitoring elements, publicly available data and agents. It then converts it to tips, decisions, actionable configurations and/or machine-readable queries, and finally passes it to other units for further actions. The platform sits on top of cloud fundamental services, and is compatible with all the other Djuno services and products and with third party cloud orchestration, management and infrastructure as code solutions.

The Sowa AI performs continuous cloud cost optimization. It identifies seasonality in consumption, predicts service utilization, and can automatically change resource provisioning based on the customer's desired parameters and level of automation.

Moe Sayadi, the CEO of Djuno, says: "Sowa 2.0 is another major step towards self optimising cloud that will bring to our customers significant infrastructure cost reductions and efficiency gains through automating DevOps tasks. A Swiss insurance company which uses our software has cut its cloud costs by 30% while doubling the resources at its disposal, which we believe is a typical representation of what one can achieve. While such solutions may be internally available at providers such as Google Cloud Services, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, who use them for managing their own resources, we want to make it possible for every company, irrespective of whether small or large, or the cloud they use, to have similar tools that reduce costs and automate tasks."


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