GenosAI: A New AI Tool to Accelerate Clinical Trials

H1, the leading source of truth for global Healthcare Professional, clinical, scientific, and research information, today announced the launch of GenosAI, a new generative AI tool seamlessly embedded into its clinical trial intelligence platform, Trial Landscape, to analyze and respond to all types of complex inquiries.

Trial Landscape allows sponsors to identify new sites, centers of excellence, and investigators with diverse patients; evaluate site and PI patient recruitment strategies; and gauge competition across trials. GenosAI is a significant leap forward in enhancing efficiency, diversity, and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. According to Deloitte, AI has the potential to reduce drug discovery costs by as much as 70%. GenosAI’s advanced data analysis capabilities empower clinical researchers to make informed decisions more swiftly and accurately than ever before. With GenosAI, clinical operations, feasibility, and medical teams can easily access deep insights, speed up workflows, explore new types of data, improve efficiencies and reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.

Trial Landscape contains the richest underlying data available for clinical trials, pulling insights from more than 490,000 trials, 25 million publications, 10 million healthcare providers (including those with diversity data), 240 million patients, and 11 billion global claims. Clients can also integrate their own data, such as historical trial performance and feasibility questionnaire responses. GenosAI pulls from this data and, using the power of natural language processing (NLP), deciphers and responds to advanced analytical queries in a ChatGPT-like experience. Users can pose questions like “Which sponsors are running the most promising trials in small cell prostate cancer?” or “What are the best sites for my phase 3 prostate cancer study?” and receive high-confidence, actionable responses in seconds.

GenosAI has the power to be a pharma company’s most impactful Large Language Model (LLM) tool,” said Ariel Katz, CEO and co-founder, H1. “With GenosAI, we’ve combined the power of conversational AI with our unmatched breadth of healthcare data to give sponsors access to the best data and technology possible. We hope this will have a profound impact on clinical trial diversity and efficacy.”

GenosAI improves clinical research in the following ways:

  1. Competitive Intelligence & Trial Design: GenosAI surfaces critical insights into competitive trials, optimizing trial design strategies.
  2. Site Selection & Feasibility: By rapidly assessing site performance and feasibility, GenosAI aids in identifying the most suitable locations for clinical trials.
  3. Diversity & Inclusion: GenosAI supports the pursuit of diversity and inclusion goals in clinical trials, ensuring that minority populations are adequately represented.
  4. Clinical Trial Design: Through the analysis of vast amounts of medical literature and trial data, GenosAI identifies sites and PIs with the right patient cohorts based on specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  5. Unlocking Internal Clinical Trial Data Silos: GenosAI can also run on client data sources to unlock historically siloed data sources and insights.

GenosAI sits on H1’s global data platform that uses state-of-the-art technologies ranging from machine learning (ML) to NLP to create a unified single source of truth for healthcare data. Data privacy and security is ensured through Microsoft Azure Enterprise GPT-4, Guardrails reduce hallucinations common in healthcare language models, and the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) approach enriches the model with H1-specific data and knowledge.


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