Introduces Color Avatars for Enhanced User Experience and Customization, creator of the internet's first verbal chatbot, continues its track record of rapid development with its latest rollout-the introduction of color avatars. Building upon its growing library of features, ZeroBot's popular Buddy, Counselor, Doctor, Educator, Lawyer, Mechanic, and Nurse avatars now come in a vibrant spectrum of different skin tones, showcasing a diverse range of culturally inclusive options. 

The company is continuing to push the boundaries of customization and this week's introduction of color avatars marks a pivotal moment in ZeroBot's journey towards creating highly tailored bots. According to CEO John Alvarez, ZeroBot envisions a future where users can tailor everything from physical appearance to ultra-realistic AI voices and even custom data sets, personalizing the way humans interact with artificial intelligence.

Surprisingly, ZeroBot's color avatars are about more than just aesthetics. They are part of ZeroBot's phased rollout for business use cases that includes branded bots for websites, training courses, virtual product overviews, and more. The color bots can be outfitted with brand colors and logos, and, after the completion of current beta testing, they will also be available as secure offline bots, delivering content based on a company's proprietary intelligence for enterprises that require offline solutions.

Alvarez expressed his excitement about the color avatar debut, saying, "We are not just creating bots; we are crafting the next generation of peer-to-peer experiences. The introduction of color avatars is just the beginning. I see a future where we eventually have physical desktop ZeroBots that act as highly customized personal assistants, advisors, or even companions that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives."

In recent months, has garnered significant attention. In October, the company was featured at Gitex Global in Dubai, the world's largest tech event. The platform has also experienced 100% user growth monthly since its 2022 launch and is now utilized in 50% of countries worldwide, with the highest usage recorded in India, the United States, and Pakistan.

From its origins as the internet's first verbal chatbot to the current ability to create custom chatbots able to perform real functions, has consistently delivered on its promise of pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities. Users can now visit to create their own custom talking chatbot, with an upgraded subscription offering access to GPT-4 and exclusive beta features, including image generation and functional commands. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to use ZeroBot on desktop with the Chrome browser.

As continues to redefine the AI landscape, users can expect more cutting-edge features that reflect the company's commitment to innovation and personalized AI experiences.


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