Hollo.AI Unveils AI Platform for Creating, Owning, and Monetizing AI Personas

Hollo.AI (https://hollo.ai/) today announced the launch of its AI platform that allows anyone to create, claim and own their AI persona and identity along with their Hollo.AI Page, a social profile link-in-bio page that features their own personalized chatbot, links to their various social media and websites, plus capabilities to monetize their AI persona with AI Side Hustles. With Hollo.AI, users can create, verify and manage their own AI "digital twins,” monetizing through AI Side Hustles like content creation across games, metaverses, podcasts, virtual assistance, audio books, voiceovers, customer service, brand deals and much more. Hollo.AI empowers ethical usage of AI via blockchain verification and registration to promote trust and transparency between creators, fans and businesses. Verified Hollo.AI Twins will earn a verified “blue check mark” signifying that it is their official verified AI identity.

"With AI moving at rapid speed, many creators are looking for a way to control what happens to their digital image,” said Rex Wong, CEO of Hollo.AI. “Hollo.AI provides users with sovereign ownership of their AI, allowing them to say, when, where, and how it is used; and unlike many other platforms, enables them to monetize through AI Side Hustles and earn revenue from licensing their digital persona.”

Users and Creators from every industry can benefit from using Hollo.AI to engage with their respective audiences. Simply sign up with the Hollo.AI app (https://hollo.ai/signup for Apple/Google Play) and create an AI twin and Hollo.AI Page using a selfie and a short voice recording describing themselves. Each digital twin and Page is created in less than a minute with the option to claim and verify its identity, which is then recorded and registered on a blockchain ledger registry.

Using a multi-language, interactive chatbot to answer questions and interact with followers, the app builds an AI Twin based around a real persona or an alter-ego. Digital twins continue learning based on a user’s social links as well as through friendly conversational chats via Hollo.AI’s innovative ChatBuddy, a novel chat-based interface that helps Hollo.AI gain a deeper understanding of the user's personality, interests, and communication style. From there, users can create exclusive content communities with memberships, facilitate fan engagement, offer content subscriptions, shopping experiences and make brand deals through the platform, setting their own price to license their image and AI identity. 

Hollo.AI features several key aspects: 

1. The Hollo.AI Page is an AI social link-in-bio page that features the user’s AI Twin that greets and interacts with followers, providing a one-stop-shop for a user’s followers to chat with their AI Twins, book a personalized video, shop a user’s products and join their membership clubs, via a streamlined link that can be shared across social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. 

2. Hollo.AI AI Side Hustles enable users to establish side businesses, such as private label merchandising and e-commerce, master classes and digital content, all created with Hollo.AI's assistance. Unlike traditional methods, these businesses can be set up effortlessly by merely conversing with Hollo.AI ChatBuddy. This feature not only democratizes entrepreneurship but also integrates AI seamlessly into the process.

3. Hollo.AI Marketplace acts as a marketplace portal for managing representation and brand licensing for AI Twins, NIL, identity and even their actual self, allowing brand and companies to hire, book or license a Hollo.AI user or their AI Twin, while letting users manage opportunities, engagement and monetization directly from their Hollo.AI dashboard. 

4. Hollo.AI Connect offers users a personalized AI conversational chatbot of themselves that can interact and engage with fans and followers and act as a receptionist or salesman, greeting users visiting their Hollo.AI Page and answering questions about products, services or themselves.

"We envision Hollo.AI as the definitive verification mark for AI, similar to claiming domain names for the web or getting a blue checkmark for a verified social profile,” said Wong. “By leveraging KYC and a public AI blockchain ledger registry, we aim to bring transparency and ethical standards to the AI space while unlocking unprecedented opportunities for creators and fans."

Hollo.AI is free to join and can be upgraded to a premium model for an ad-free experience, AI Twin customization, more advanced features, expanded AI Twin training and enhanced AI protection as well as more monetization opportunities. Hollo.AI will initially be available to invited beta users. Parties interested should visit https://hollo.ai/signup

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