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Navia Robotics Vacuum 50: 3D LiDAR Technology for Commercial Cleaning Applications

Navia Robotics Vacuum 50 combines advanced 3D LiDAR technology with intelligent navigation algorithms, ensuring unparalleled precision in cleaning. The increase in data points and computational power enables the Vacuum 50 to map and navigate spaces within centimeter accuracy, efficiently adapting to various floor types, complex room layouts and suitable for deployment in spaces under ten thousand to millions of square feet.

3D LiDAR: an Industry First in this Size Category

The use of automotive grade 3D LiDAR for commercial robotic vacuums is a first in this size category. The use of such systems have been limited to larger size units and outdoor machines to react and handle the higher speeds of vehicles and people that are in the operating environment. The cost and sophistication of such sensors have come down to the point it can be integrated in the package of an indoor robotic vacuum, allowing the machine to accurately navigate in challenging, dynamic environments. The robots can sense walls, people and objects from over 500 feet away, giving it unprecedented range and making it nearly impossible to lose its bearings in even the largest open rooms.

Quiet Efficiency and Long-lasting Battery Life

Designed with user experience in mind, Vacuum 50 operates at a low noise level, providing a peaceful cleaning environment without compromising on efficiency. With an extended battery life thanks to lithium iron phosphate battery technology, this robotic vacuum ensures extended cleaning sessions, covering more ground on a single charge and handling more recharge cycles than standard lithium ion chemistry batteries. With the optional charging dock station, the industrial robot vacuum goes back on its own to charge up when the battery gets low, and resumes its cleaning task when the battery is full.

Advanced Filtration for a Healthier Environment

In addition to its cutting-edge cleaning capabilities, Vacuum 50 features an advanced filtration system, capturing even the finest particles to promote a healthier indoor environment. The HEPA filter ensures that allergens and pollutants are efficiently removed from the air, making it an ideal choice for deployment in schools, hospitals and offices, all the while maintaining strong vacuum performance.

Navia Robotics CEO Chris Kim Expresses Excitement:

"We are thrilled to introduce Vacuum 50, the pinnacle in industrial robotic vacuum technology. This robotic vacuum is a testament to Navia Robotics' commitment to innovation and delivering smart solutions that enhance the lives of our users. Vacuum 50's combination of 3D LiDAR navigation, automotive grade sensors, and advanced filtration sets a new standard in robotic vacuum technology."

Offering over 80% reduction in floor cleaning costs to businesses, this industrial roomba should be at the top of the priority list for facilities looking to improve their hygiene and sanitation measures while also looking to save a tremendous amount of money. The cleaning robots have over 99.7% uptime, far exceeding the best human workers while being ready to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Navia Robotics leads the industry with unwavering devotion to research and development, spearheading advanced features and patented technologies. Their distinct focus on innovation distinguishes them from competitors. Having effectively deployed their robots in various establishments, they serve countless restaurant patrons across the United States every month. For restaurant, resort, hotel, and hospital owners seeking to integrate robots into their operations, Navia Robotics provides the chance for an on-site demo or risk-free trial.

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