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SimBioSys and Mayo Clinic Collaborate to Create an AI-Powered Cancer Patient Care Platform

SimBioSys, a TechBio company that is redefining precision medicine for cancer by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and biophysical modeling to unlock the power of spatial biophysics, announced today that it has partnered with Mayo Clinic on a strategic collaboration agreement to develop innovative digital precision medicine treatments for patients with breast cancer.

SimBioSys and Mayo Clinic Collaborate to Create an AI-Powered Cancer Patient Care Platform

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The collaboration’s goal is to create cloud-based clinical software tools that will aid in the end-to-end decision-making process for patients with early-stage breast cancer, such as tailored surgery planning, therapy, medication selection, and risk assessment.

With breast cancer’s constantly shifting environment, there is an urgent need to individualize care and find opportunities where therapies, both surgical and beneficial, might be safely right-sized to improve quality of life without sacrificing results.

To support the ongoing development and validation of these clinical software tools, the SimBioSys clinical advisory team includes two Mayo Clinic physicians: Judy C. Boughey, M.D., division chair of Breast and Melanoma Surgical Oncology and chair of the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center Breast Cancer Disease Group; and Matthew Goetz, M.D., Enterprise Deputy Director of Translational Research and Director of Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer SPORE.

SimBioSys has access to and has been analyzing patient data from the Mayo Clinic-led BEAUTY clinical study (NCT02022202) as part of the cooperation. SimBioSys unlocks spatial biophysical insights using AI and data science, enabling doctors to effectively customize treatment approaches for each patient. In addition to running simulations using previously collected data to confirm the platform’s prediction accuracy, SimBioSys will conduct in-silico scenario analysis under the direction of the Mayo Clinic team.

TumorSight, a cloud-based platform for medical devices, is being developed by SimBioSys' world-class team of scientists, computational biologists, data scientists, and software engineers. TumorSight is intended to be utilized in the clinic throughout the treatment planning process. The FDA is presently reviewing the company’s first product on the TumorSight platform, which uses a patient’s standard of care DCE-MRI imaging to create a personalized 3D digital model of the tumor.

Surgical oncologists can now visualize breast cancer in three dimensions with this innovative device, which will facilitate more efficient surgery planning and patient discussions. The tumor is immediately visible in the context of automatically segmented anatomical components (skin, blood vessels, chest, fat, gland, and heart) in crisp 3D “digital twin” renderings.

In the crowded world of genomics, new approaches have many barriers to becoming a new standard of care. SimBioSys complements current precision medicine techniques while only relying on readily available and previously acquired datasets such as imaging. We are delighted to collaborate with Mayo Clinic as we bring our innovative technology to patients.

Tushar Pandey, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SimBioSys


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